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Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V Thermal Monocular (50Hz)

Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V Thermal Monocular (50Hz)
sku: PU-77338
MPN: PU-77338

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  • Detect the body heat of an animal at a distance of up to 900m
  • Excellent thermal resolution with super-fast framerate
  • Optimised for use outdoors with weather-resistant, rugged casing and frost-resistant display

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Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V Thermal Monocular (50Hz) Details

*** Please note that this product has been discontinued. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. ***

See the body heat of animals up to a distance of 900m away with the Pulsar XQ30V, the upgraded version of Pulsar's Quantum Lite XQ23V thermal camera scope.

Made for use outdoors with rugged, frost-resistant, impact resistant and water resistant casing, the Pulsar XQ30V is a must for anyone working in outdoor applications. There's a huge range of uses for this thermal scope - hunters can use it to track game from a distance, search and rescue operatives can use it to find stranded people and wildlife conservations can use it to observe hidden wildlife safely from a distance.

As a thermal scope, the Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V is much more effective than standard nightvision. The scope works by detecting and displaying the heat given off by an object - since it doesn't require any visible light to work, you can use the XQ30V in daylight, night conditions to see through the dark and can even see through rain, smoke, snow and through sparse foliage (results may vary depending on current conditions).

It is worth noting that the Quantum Lite XQ30V is a scope only - this item does not have image or video capturing capabilities. Pulsar's Helion range includes this capability.

Quality Thermography for Outdoor Use

The Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V combines together excellent thermal resolution with fast, seamless frame rate to deliver an excellent viewing experience for any outdoor user.

You can expect all of the following from the Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V:

  • High Quality Thermal Resolution of 384 x 288 pixels - the more pixels in the image, the higher quality it will be. The Pulsar Quantum XQ30V has higher resolution than many comparable models on the market
  • Fast 50Hz Frame Rate - the higher the frame rate of the camera, the more stable the image will be (particularly useful when you're moving). Many hunting thermal cameras only have 9Hz - a bump up to a frame rate of 50Hz as found on this scope will increase image quality significantly
  • Detection Range of Up to 900m (985 yards) - the Pulsar Quantum XQ30V can detect a 1.7m high animal target at a distance of up to 900m (depending on current conditions).
  • Super-Fast Startup Time of Just 2 Seconds - the XQ30V thermal scope is ready whenever you are. It'll go from completely switched off to full operational mode in just 2 seconds!
  • Optimised for Use Outdoors - fibreglass reinforced plastic case can withstand impact, moisture and dust damage while ensuring a comfortable grip when you're using the scope. A frost-resistant OLED display also allows the scope to be used in freezing conditions as low as -25°C
  • Selectable Colour Palettes - choose between 7 different colour palette modes including monochrome (hot white and hot black) as well as colour highlighting
  • Brightness and Contrast Control - control wheel situated next to the lens allows you to easily adjust brightness and contrast as needed to cater for use in different scenarios
  • Video Output - all Quantum models are equipped with an analogue video output which allows the scope to transmit its video to external recording equipment or transmit an image to a display. Please note that video cannot be stored on the scope itself
  • Power-Saving Mode - disable the video output module to increase operating time
  • Intuitive User Interface - actual information about the status of the thermal scope is shown on the display as blue icons and numbers with clear representation of every feature
  • Selectable Operating Modes - choose between City (enhanced contrast), Forest (low contrast) and Identification (improved rendering of hot object's details)
  • Display OFF Facility - completely switches off the display, allowing no visible light to leak from the scope. The scope is still actually running and can be reactivated seamlessly with a simple button press

Estimate Distance to Target with The Rangefinding Reticle

The Pulsar Quantum XQ30V has a built-in stadiametric rangefinder - this allows the user to measure the distance of an object with known height (for example a deer at 1.7m, boar at 0.7m etc) with accurate results.

This video from Pulsar shows the rangefinding reticle in use:

What's Included?

  • Pulsar Quantum XQ30V Thermal Scope
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Video Cable
  • External Power Supply Cable
  • Hand Strap
  • Automotive Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Spare Battery Container
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Warranty Card
Technical Specs

Part Code: PU-77338

Pulsar Quantum XQ30V Technical Specifications

Electronic Components
Frame Rate, Hz 50
Microbolometer Resolution 384 x 288 pixels
Pixel Pitch 17μm
Display Type AMOLED
Display Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Optical Characteristics
Magnification 2.5 to 10x
Digital Zoom 2x, 3x, 4x
Objective Lens F30/1.6
Field of View (Horizontal x Vertical) 12.4 x 9.3°
Horizontal Field of View (m@100m) 21.8
Exit Pupil 8mm
Eye Relief 20mm
Diopter Adjustment ±5mm
Close-up Distance 3m
Range of Detection 900m
Other Specs
Power Supply 4 divided 6
Battery Type 4 x AA
Battery Life 5.5 hours or 6.5 hours with video out off
External Power Supply DC 8.4 divided 15
Start-Up Time 2 seconds
Remote Control Wireless
Operating Temperature -25 to +50°C
Level of Protection IPX4
Dimensions 200 x 86 x 59mm
Weight (Without Batteries) 0.35kg

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