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Robin Amprobe 17B Kit: Incl. KMP7036, KMP7030 & KMP7021

Robin Amprobe 17B Kit: Incl. KMP7036, KMP7030 & KMP7021
sku: 3842857
MPN: 3842857

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  • Insulation tester
  • Earth loop impedance tester
  • RCD tester with ramp testing

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Robin Amprobe 17B Kit: Incl. KMP7036, KMP7030 & KMP7021 Details

This bundle pack of testing equipment includes everything a professional needs for ensuring the safety of an electrical system. Three testers are included: an insulation tester, an earth loop impedance tester and a RCD tester.

Here's a little bit more about each tester:

Robin-Amprobe KMP7036 Insulation Tester

The KMP7036 insulation tester can be used with any electrical system to test whether or not the insulation attached to that system is functioning correctly and hasn't degraded over time due to age or various other factors. The device tests insulation across three ranges of 250V, 500V and 1000V and also includes additional functions such as automatic discharge, data hold and the ability to carry out voltage measurements.

This tester comes as standard with 2 test leads, 2 test probes, 2 alligator clips, 6 x AA batteries, a user manual, a carrying case and a strap.

Robin-Amprobe KMP7030 Earth Loop Impedance Tester

Tests that earth loops are accurately implemented and engage RCDs, circuit breakers and fuses to limit the path of electricity when danger is detected. Provides the ability to test passive RCD across multiple ranges, carries out PSC measurements, can display mains voltage and checks wiring for correct status.

This tester comes as standard with a mains test cord, test lead set with IEC connector, test probe set, alligator clip set, 8 x AA batteries, user manual, strap and a carrying case.

Robin-Amprobe KMP7021 RCD Tester

This RCD testing device is used for checking that an RCD is functioning correctly and limits current when an unbalance is detected. This version can carry out RCD ramp testing as well as standard tests (the KMP7020 carries out fast trip testing rather than ramp).

This tester comes as standard with a 3-wire mains test cord, test lead set with leads, probes and alligator clips, user manual, strap and carrying case.

More information on each individual tester, including datasheet and manual downloads, can be found on the links to the left in the 'You might also be interested in' box.

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