Thickness Gauges & Meters (29 Products)

About Thickness Gauges & Meters

There are meters and test tools for a multitude of tasks and, if it exists, we seek to stock it at Tester. If you want to be sure that all coats of paint have been applied to a newly sprayed car body you’ll need a coating thickness tester.  You may be looking after fruit shipments and need to check the hardness of fruit in order to determine its shelf life or storage potential; for that you’ll need a Fruit Hardness Tester.

Thickness gauges operate in a similar way to sonar.  They use ultrasound to send a pulse through a layer of material, such as paint layers, to an “opposite” surface such as the bodywork of a car.  By measuring the bounce back time, allowing for the signal velocity through the material, the meter will provide a clear readout of thickness.

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