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Snap-On Ultimate Safety Tool Firefighter Wire Cutter Set

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Designed specifically for firefighting professionals, the Snap-On Ultimate Safety Tool Wire Cutter is essential for reacting quickly to melting cable conduits.

The set consits of three items: a PWC801 Snap-On Cutter, a 1 metre bendable coil and a uniquely-designed pouch (created in conjunction with the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service) that is designed to fit directly onto a firefighter's breathing apparatus belt to ensure that the tool is instantly accessible.

The wire cutters supplied with this set have a wide opening arc with shear cutting action to cut through wiring and conduit materials found in households, industrial and automotive applications. They can cut up to 2/0 gauge wire (AWG) and have cutting diameter of 0.570" to 14.78mm. They are also fully insulated to 1000V, making them suitable for use in cutting medium to high voltage electrical circuits.

For extra protection, the securing shackle of the pouch is independently isolated from the body of the tool to prevent harm due to electrical current.

Snap-On Ultimate SafeTool Firegfighter Wire Cutter Set Key Features

  • Designed for use by firefighters - allows cutting of electrical conduits and cable, even when carrying a mains current
  • Cutters have wide opening arc with shear cutting action
  • Suitable for use with wires up to 2/0 gauge (AWG)
  • Fully insulated wire cutters suitable for live working up to 1000V
  • Set fits securely onto a breathing apparatus kit for easy access - secure attachment with double sewn end flap and quality screw gate shackle
  • Flexible high visibility 6mm urethane coiled lanyard with manganese bronze swivels and stainless steel snap on hooks stretches for easy access to the tool
  • Rugged durable pouch with PVC coated polyester - leather insert and reinforced drain hole inside
  • In conformance with BS EN 60900:2004  - handles tested to 70° over a constant 168 hours
  • Drop tested and certified by SATRA

What's Included?

  • Wire Cutters
  • Pouch
  • Urethane Coil
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