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Static Discharge Reel with 15m, 100A Split Cable

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Including two 100A clamps, this split-cable static discharge reel can be used to securely attach to two points in order to create a safe grounding point for static discharge. Doing this ensures that systems that produce static build-up don't spark and won't pose a risk of ignition in areas where explosions can be possible.

15m of high quality steel cable are included within this earthing reel, allowing attachment of systems at various different heights. The steel design of the cable gives it the rigidity necessary to remain firmly fixed in place and ensures that electricity has a safe path to flow to earth rather than building up as static.

Need to reel in the reel in a hurry? No problem - this reel includes a spring-rewind function for easy storage of the cable after use. The cable can also be latched at any length up to 15m and is ideal for vehicles or permanent service applications.

Static Discharge Reel Key Features

  • Provides a method of safely discharging electricity build-up (static)
  • 15m cable supplied
  • Cable is constructed from high quality steel
  • Latches at any length
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • 100A clamp attached to cable
  • Automatic spring rewind function

Static Discharge Reel Comparison

Why not look at our other static reel devices? Use the table below to easily compare the functionality of each reel.

Product Code    Cable Specifications   Cable Length   Clamp Rating  Resistance   Weight   Height (H)   Width (W)   Depth (D)
 15m Grounding 
Single 7 x 7 Stranded
Steel Cable
15m 100A 5kg 224mm 85mm 219mm
 15m Earthing Reel  Sinle 7 x 7 Stranded
Steel Cable
(Nylon Coated)
15m 100A 5kg 224mm 85mm 219mm
Static Discharge Reel  Single 7 x 7 Stranded
Steel Cable
30m 100A 7kg 248mm 110mm 235mm
100A Earthing Reel 9.2m Single, Splits to
Dual 4.6m
Inc 2 x 100A Clamps
15m 100A 5kg 224mm 85mm 21
Part CodeHGA3050-N
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