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T&R 100A/E mk3 Secondary Current Injection Test Set

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Portable, simple to configure and use, the 100A/E mk3 gives maintenance and commissioning engineers all of the functionality they need for generating variable secondary current.

The 100A/E features 8 right current input in steps from 0.1A to as high as 200A. Voltage output can be set up to 500V (AC) or 250V (DC). This flexible generation system gives the engineer the ability to generate specific current at different levels, ensuring that the system can be used with a wide variety of secondary protectives.

Both the current and voltage outputs are independently controlled/metered for fine control. The system has two large analogue displays and includes an additional four range CT which extends the ammeters range down to 0 to 100mA.

The 100A/E’s timing system is designed with flexibility in mind; it features four modes of operation, two contact inputs and will automatically select normally open/closed contacts to ensure accurate timing measurements.

This system comes as standard in a robust carrying case with protective  cover and fold-away handles for easier transportation.

T & R 100A/E mk3 Secondary Current Injection Test Set Key Features

  • Flexible system generates a wide range of output current up to 200A
  • AC/DC voltage outputs with independent control
  • All outputs are continuously variable
  • Output current metering from 40mA to 200A
  • Automatic switchoff in all operation modes
  • Multifunction timing system
  • Suitable for testing thermal devices
  • Compact, portable design with fold-away case/handles
  • Voltage/current outputs available simultaneously

What’s Included?

  • T & R 100A/E Mk3 Secondary Current Injector
  • Operating Manual
  • 2m Mains Lead
  • Non-Latching Contact Lead
  • 100A Lead Set
  • Spare Fuse Set

Optional Accessories

The following is not supplied as standard with this product. Please call us for more information or to order this accessory.

  • 100ADM-F 100A Waveform Filter Unit
Part Code002

T & R 100A/E Technical Specifications

Current Output
Range Continuous 5 Minutes 1 Minute VAC
200A 50A 100A 200A 0-5V
50A 25A 50A - 0-10V
25A 12.5A 25A - 0-20V
10A 5.0A 10A - 0-50V
5.0A 2.5A 5.0A - 0-50V
2.5A 1.25A 2.5A - 0-50V
1.0A 0.5A 1.0A - 0-150V
Voltage Output
Voltage Output Current
Range Continuous 5 Minutes
0 to 250V AC 0.5A 1.0A
0 to 500V AC 0.25A 0.5A
0 to 250V DC 0.5A 1.0A
Range 1A Scale 5A Scale Accuracy
0.1A x 0.1 x 0.02 Class 1.5
0.25A x 0.25 x 0.05 Class 1.5
0.5A x 0.5 x 0.1 Class 1.5
1.0A x 1 x 0.2 Class 1.5
2.5A x 2.5 x 0.5 Class 1.5
5.0A x 5 x 1 Class 1.5
10A x 10 x 2 Class 1.5
25A x 25 x 5 Class 1.5
50A x 50 x 10 Class 1.5
100A x 100 x 20 Class 1.5
200A x 200 x 40 Class 1.5
Timing System
Range 0 to 999.999s
Resolution 1ms
Accuracy ±0.1% rdg ± 2d (all modes except current op.)
Accuracy ±0.1% rdg ±3d (current operated mode)
Mode Timer Start Timer Stop
Internal Start Press On Contact 1
Single Contact Contact 1 Contact 1
Dual Contact Contact 1 Contact 2
Current Operated Current > 20% of range Current <20% of range
Protection and Safety
Input Supply T5A 240V supply
T10A 115V supply
Output Supplies T3.15A
Contact F0.25A
Auxiliary CT Circuit T315mA and T1.25A
Supply Requirements 115V + 10% - 6%: 50/60Hz 1ph 1450VA max
240V ± 10%: 50/60Hz 1ph 1450VA max
Temperature Range
Storage -20 to 60°C
Operating 0 to 45°C
Other Specs
Dimensions 490mm x 300 x 300mm
Weight 33kg
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