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T&R 100ADM mk4 Secondary Current Injection Test Set - 100A

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Flexible and easy to use, the T & R 100ADM is a must-have for any maintenance/commissioning professional testing protective systems.

The 100ADM’s main output is equipped with four taps and allows the user to select output voltages of up to 240V and output currents of up to 100A.  The system is designed to give users full control while remaining simple to use and includes a metering system which accurately measures the RMS of a single cycle and a current limiting mode which allows the user to take control over low currents (even when fed into low impedance loads).

T and R’s 100ADM uses a two channel timing system. This function gives the ability to easily measure trip times, reset times and reclose times, all with an extremely high degree of accuracy. This timing function is autoranging from 1ms to 99999.9s.

This secondary current injector is suitable for use in a wide variety of applications including under/over voltage, undercurrent, instantaneous overcurrent and ground fault relays, IDMT overcurrent relays, neutral voltage displacements, directional overcurrent (basic tests), auto reclosers, lockout relays, tripping relays, voltage regulating relays, miniature circuit breakers and thermal relays.

Worried about safety? The 100ADM’s output is protected by overcurrent, duty cycle and thermal trips while the auxiliary DC power supply is protected by a current limit. The auxiliary AC supply is protected by a fuse.

T & R 100ADM mk4 Secondary Current Injection Test Set Key Features

  • Extremely simple to use – configurable options put you in full control
  • 0-100A output current
  • Output voltage to 240V
  • Current limiting mode – an essential for fine control over low current levels
  • True RMS metering with single cycle capture memory ammeter
  • Multifunction autoranging timing system from 1ms to 99999.9s – dual channel
  • Auxiliary DC and AC output
  • Large size backlit LCD display for easy reading of test results
  • Compact, portable design
  • Automatic mains voltage selection
  • Safety protected outputs and power supplies
  • 24-220V DC switch-mode stabilised DC supply with current limiting for relay powering
  • Isolated, separate switch 110V AC auxiliary supply
  • RS232 port – connect to a PC or printer (sold separately)

What’s Included?

  • T & R 100ADM mk4 Secondary Current Injector
  • Operating Manual
  • Output Lead Set
  • Mains Lead
  • Spare Fuses

Optional Accessories

These items are sold separately – please see the attached datasheet for further information and call us directly if interested.

  • 100ADM-F Filter Unit
  • RB10 Resistor Box
  • Printer
  • Pushbutton Lead (for runback timing on disc induction relays)
Part Code230P

T & R 100ADM mk4 Technical Specifications

Main Output
Range Current Output @ 230V
Cont 5 min 1 min O/C Load V
10V 33A 67A 100A 10.5V 8.7V @ 100A
35V 10A 20A 30A 36V 32V @ 30A
100V 3A 6A 10A 108V 99V @ 10A
240V 1A 2A 3A 276V 259V @ 3A
240V DC 1A 2A 3A - -
I Limit Mode
Range Current (A) Output V @ 230V
Short Cont. 5 min 2 min O/C Load V
10V 10A 3A 6A 10A 8.6V 5V @ 5A
35V 3A 1A 2A 3A 29V 13V @ 2A
100V 1A 0.3A 0.6A 1A 88V 40V @ 0.6A
240V 0.3A 0.1A 0.2A 0.3A 224V 130V @ 0.2A

Further specs available in attached datasheet.

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