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T&R KV15-80 mk2 High Voltage AC Test Set - 15kV, 80mA

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This high voltage AC test set has maximum output voltage of 15kV, with maximum current of 80mA.

By using this tester, engineers can easily check insulation systems and electrical components for correct. Voltage levels can be constantly varied across the entire range from 0 to 15kV, with a special zero-voltage interlocking function provided for ensuring that the output can only be energised with voltage control set to zero.

For the user's protection, the KV15-80 mk2 includes the ability to set an adjustable electronic current trip. This level can be set from 10 to 110% of the rated output in 10% steps and if voltage breakdown is detected on the test object, the KV15-80 will use a visual flashing indicator to alert the user.

This instrument is supplied in a compact, portable case with a permanently-attached 2m HV output lead.

T & R KV15-80 mk2 High Voltage AC Test Set Key Features

  • Output voltage range from 0 to 15kV
  • Output current range to 80mA
  • Zero voltage interlock function
  • Automatic mains voltage selection
  • External 24V DC interlock circuit for connection of emergency off switches and interlock switches on the test enclosure
  • Individual analogue metering displays for both output voltage and current
  • User-selectable current tripping from 10 to 110% of rated output
  • Visual indication of test piece failure

What's Included?

  • T & R KV15-80mk2 High Voltage AC Test Set
  • Supply Lead
  • Spare Fuse Set
  • Operating Manual
  • Earth Lead
  • ES30 Earthing Stick
Part Code213

T & R KV Series Technical Specifications

Supply Requirements 115V/230V: ±10% auto selecting
50/60Hz 1ph 1200VA max, 50/60Hz 1ph 650VA (VC24-24)
Output The output of the KV series units is a permanently connected partially-screened high voltage cable
Unit Output Voltage Current (Continuous) Current (5 Min)
KV6-200 0-6kV 100mA 200mA
KV10-120 mk2 0-10kV 60mA 120mA
KV15-80 mk2 0-15kV 40mA 80mA
KV30-40 mk2 0-30kV 20mA 40mA
VC24-24 0-24kV 15mA 24mA
Note The above intermittent on times must be followed by fan off time of 15 minutes, and are based on an ambient temperature of 25°C.
Output Metering (Voltage)
Unit x0.5 Range x1 Range Accuracy
KV6-200 3.25kV 6.5kV ±2% of FS
KV10-120 mk2 0-6kV 0 to 12kV ±2% of FS
KV15-80 mk2 0-10kV 0 to 20kV ±2% of FS
KV30-40 mk2 0-20kV 0 to 40kV ±2% of FS
VC24-24 - 0 to 24kV ±2% of FS
Output Metering (Current)
Unit x0.1 Range x1 Range Accuracy
KV6-200 25mA 250mA ±2% of FS
KV10-120 mk2 14mA 140mA ±2% of FS
KV15-80 mk2 10mA 100mA ±2% of FS
KV30-40 mk2 5mA 50mA ±2% of FS
VC24-24 3mA 30mA ±2% of FS
Other Specs
Overload Protection Two overload protection circuits are provided on the units. The first is user-selectable and allows trip currents between 10 and 110% of the rated output to be a set. A trip condition is indicated by an illuminated push button and audible alarm. The second trip circuit is a magnetic circuit breaker operating on the primary of the HV transformer. This operates on large overloads (such as under flashovers)
Protection and Safety Fuse protection
Meets requirements of BS EN61010
Earth terminal on transformers which must be connected to a low impedance local earth
Storage Temperature -20 to 60°C
Operating Temperature 0 to 45°C
Dimensions & Weight
Unit Dimensions Weight
KV6-200 300 x 400 x 470mm 34kg
KV10-120 300 x 400 x 470mm 42kg
KV15-80 300 x 400 x 470mm 42kg
KV30-40 300 x 400 x 470mm 42kg
VC24-24 300 x 400 x 470mm 27kg
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