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T&R PCU2 mk5 Primary Current Injection System - 5000A, 20kVA

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This system consists of a control unit which is compatible with one of two loading units (both of which are sold separately). Please note that you will require one of the loading units to use this tester.

Working with high currents? The T & R PCU2 mk5 outputs maximum current to 5000A (5kA), giving users complete control over the injection of high currents as part of commissioning and maintenance.

Optimised for use in difficult conditions, both the control unit and the optional loading units for this product are encased in tough, durable steel cases complete with castor wheels and protective lifting handles for easier transportation. The systems are designed to take up as little space as possible, ensuring they can be placed as close as possible to the object under test to minimise power requirements and ensure that available current is at its maximum level.

The PCU2 is made with flexibility in mind; by using the loading unit and the control unit, users can easily configure different current injection levels. For example, a control unit and a LU5000 loading unit could be used to inject current of 5000A up to 5 minutes, 8000A for  seconds or 10000A for 1 seconds. Other loading units and settings are available depending upon the configuration of the unit (please see the attached user manual for more information).

This product is ideal for a wide range of primary current injection applications such as testing CT ratio, circuit breakers and under/over current relays.

T & R PCU2 mk5 Primary Current Injection System Key Features

  • Maximum output of current to 5000A (5kA)
  • 20kVA 5 minute output capability
  • Configurable - two optional loading units available
  • Multifunction timing system
  • Digital true RMS memory ammeters
  • See what's happening at all times with bright LED displays
  • Automatically switches itself off after testing
  • Centralised control and metering
  • Separate control/loading units
  • Low impedance, dual-range outputs
  • Flexible timing - with resolution of 1ms

What's Included?

  • T & R PCU2 mk5 Primary Current Injection System
  • Spare Fuse Set
  • Operating Manual
  • 1 x 5m Loading Unit Power Interconnection Lead
  • 1 x 5m Loading Unit Metering Interconnection Lead
  • 1 x 2m Mains Lead


You will require one of the two available loading units for this product to use it.

  • LU5000 Loading Unit (range to 5000A)
  • LU6000 Loading Unit (range to 6000A)
Part CodeX129A

T & R PCU2 Technical Specifications

Loading Unit Output
  LU5000 LU6000
Parallel Mode Series Mode Parallel Mode Series Mode
Open Circuit V 0-4V 0-8V 0-3.3V 0-6.6V
Continuous Current 2500A 1250A 3000A 1500A
Max kVA 10 10 10 10
5 Min On/15 Min Off Current 5000A 2500A 6000A 3000A
Max kVA 20 20 20 20
5 Sec On Current 8000A 4000A 9600A 4800A
Max kVA 32 32 32 32
1 Sec On Current 10000A 5000A 12000A 6000A
Max kVA 40 40 40 40
  Parallel Mode Series Mode
Range 1 Full Scale 5000A 2500A
Resolution 1A 1A
Accuracy 0.6% rdg + 6d 0.6% rdg + 6d
Current Trip 5500A 2750A
Range 2 Full Scale 10.00kA 5.00kA
Resolution 0.01kA 0.01kA
Accuracy 0.6% rdg + 6d 0.6% rdg + 6d
Current Trip 11000A 5500A

More specs available in attached documentation.

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