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Testo 320 Flue Gas Analyser with Bluetooth (Standard Set)

Testo 320 Flue Gas Analyser with Bluetooth (Standard Set)
sku: 0563322377
MPN: 0563 3220 77

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  • Bluetooth feature to interface with smart phone 
  • 500 entry built in storage
  • For flue gas, timed CO build up, let by and tightness, and more

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Testo 320 Flue Gas Analyser with Bluetooth (Standard Set) Details

Important Note on Orders of the Testo 320 - please note that Testo 320 Flue Gas Analyser with Bluetooth - Standard Kits are made-to-order with a lead time once the order is placed.

Once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled or returned unless the unit is found to be faulty.

Other Testo 320 kits are also available: 

Testo 320 Advanced Kit (Testo 320 standard Set + Differential pressure and differential temperature set)

Testo 320 Advanced Kit with Printer (Testo 320 standard Set + Differential pressure and differential temperature set + printer)

The new and upgraded Testo 320 Flue Gas Analyser with Bluetooth is the direct replacement for the Testo 320-1 and Testo 320-2; it builds on the same great features from the original 320 gas analysers, plus it now features a Bluetooth connection to enable the analyser to be connected to Testo’s free Combustion App - Only on Android devices!

The Testo 320 allows for efficient flue gas analysis allowing you to eliminate the risk of faults and emergencies, monitor legal limit values or carry out routine work and servicing on heating systems. With a graphical full-colour screen and a clearly laid out menu system, the Testo 320 allows you to easily navigate through all of the systems test menus including flue gas, draught, pressure, ambient CO and CO2, differential temperature and also detect gas leaks.

Combustion App

The Testo Combustion app for android devices means you can pair up your tester and your tablet/smartphone and take advantage of the following features:

  • Start/stop the analyser from the Android smartphone or tablet
  • View the current measurement values as table or chart on the Android Smartphone
  • Save the current measurement values as CSV or PDF file
  • Send this file as attachment of an email, great for group work as off-site colleagues can have instant access to important job information
  • Print results to a compatible Testo printer

Testo 320 Flue Gas Analyser with Bluetooth Key Features

  • Measurement of flue gas, draught, pressure, ambient CO, differential temperature and gas leak detection (optional probe required)
  • Quick and easy menu structure
  • Independently tested to EN50379. Meets the requirements of BS7967 and Gas Safe TB143 Bluetooth connection to free combustion App - Android only
  • Optional probes and accessories to offer additional measurements including gas leak detection, gas pipe tests, and ambient CO
  • 3-year instrument and CO & O2 sensor warranty
  • Colour graphical display
  • Flue gas matrix screen including boiler type and parameters
  • High-resolution display screen provides detailed measurement values that are always clearly visible
  • Sensor monitoring -  uses a traffic light warning system to monitor sensor functionality
  • 30 second zeroing (if required)
  • Easily changeable sensors
  • Save up to 500 measurement protocols in the inbuilt memory
  • Magnetics allow you to attach to burner/boiler with ease
  • Robust design handles tough environments
  • Easily exchange probes via the probe coupling, gas paths are connected to the instrument at the same time with a bayonet connection
  • Easy exchange of probe filter
  • Flexibility of modular probes
  • Gas & Oil ratings
  • Smoke number/ HCT

What's Included? 

  • Testo 320 flue gas analyser (with O2 & CO sensor)
  • O2 & CO sensor
  • Mains unit
  • Basic flue gas probe (180 mm, Ø 6 mm)
  • Hard carry case
Technical Specs

Part Code: 0563 3220 77
  Measuring range Accuracy ±1 digit Resolution Adjustment time
Temperature -40 to +1200 °C ±0.5 °C (0 to +100.0 °C) ±0.5 % of m.v. (remaining range) 0.1 °C (-40 to +999,9 °C) 1 °C (> +1000 °C)  
Draught measurement -9.99 to +40 hPa ±0.02 hPa or ±5% of m.v. (-0.50 to +0.60 hPa) ±0.03 hPa (+0.61 to +3.00 hPa) ±1.5% of m.v. (+3.01 to +40.00 hPa) 0.01 hPa with fine draught option 0.001 hPa  
Pressure measurement 0 to +300 hPa ±0.2 Vol. % 0.1 hPa with fine draught option 0.01 hPa  
O2 measurement 0 0 to 21 Vol. % ±3 ppm for readings below 20 ppm ±5%for readings over 20 ppm 0.1 Vol. % < 20 s
Ambient CO measurement 0 to 4000 ppm   1 ppm < 60 s
Determination of degree of effectivity (Eta) 0 to 120%   0.1%  
Flue gas loss 0 to 99.9%   0.1%  
CO2 determination digital calculation from O2 Display range 0 to CO2 max ±0.2 Vol. % 0.1 Vol. % < 40 s
Ambient CO measurement (with CO probe) 0 to 500 ppm ±5 ppm (0 to 100 ppm) ±5% of m.v. (> 100 ppm) 1 ppm  
Gas leak measurement for flammable gases (with gas leak detection probe) Display range 0 to 10.000 ppm CH4 / C3H8 Signal optical display (LED) audible signal via buzzer   < 2 s
Ambient CO2 measurement (with ambient CO2 probe) 0 to 1 Vol. % 0 to 10.000 ppm ±50 ppm or ±2% of m.v. (0 to 5000 ppm) ±100 ppm or ±3% of m.v. (5001 to 10000 ppm)    
Differential pressure, flow velocity and temperature via fine pressure probe ±10.000 Pa 0.15 to 3 m/s max. -40 to +1,200 °C (dependent on probe) ±0.3 Pa (0 to 9.99 Pa) plus ±1 Digit ±3% of m.v. (10 to 10.000 Pa) plus ±1 Digit ±0.5 °C (-40 to 100 °C) ±0.5 % of m.v. (rem. measuring range) plus probe accuracy 0.1 m/s 0.1 °C  
Memory 500 measurement values   
Power supply Battery: 3.7 V / 2,400 mAh Mains unit: 6 V / 1.2 A
Operating temperature -5 to +45 °C 
Storage temperature -20 to +50 °C    
Display  Colour graphic display 240 x 320 pixels    
Weight 573 g
Dimensions 240 x 85 x 65 mm
Warranty Instrument/probe/gas sensors: 24 months Thermocouple/rech. battery: 12 months

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