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TestSafe miniPAT Appliance Tester

TestSafe miniPAT Appliance Tester
MPN: 881AT

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  • Extremely easy to use - ideal for beginners
  • Tests class 1 and 2 appliances plus leads
  • Bright LED PASS/FAIL indicators

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  • TestSafe miniPAT 4mm Cloverleaf Adaptor (C6 - Earth)
  • TestSafe miniPAT 4mm IEC Lead Adaptor (C14 - Earth)
  • TestSafe miniPAT 4mm Socket IEC Adaptor Kit

TestSafe miniPAT Appliance Tester Details

Please note: The miniPAT is a simplified version of a standard PAT tester that uses low voltage to perform all of its testing functions.

This is NOT a full PAT tester and should not be used as such. We recommend this tester for use in the time period between official PAT testing to check that equipment remains safe and hasn't developed any faults.

If you're looking for an entry-level PAT tester, please see the UNI-T UT527 instead.

Whether you're in a shop, work in a charity, in the leisure industry or anywhere else, the TestSafe miniPAT is the perfect compact instrument for regularly checking the safety of electrical appliances, including IT equipment.

Using a combination of LED indicators (green for pass, red for fail) to showcase testing results, the miniPAT is suitable for use with both class 1 and class 2 appliances and by use of the included R2 adaptor can also be used to test extension leads. By purchasing the optional TestSafe miniPAT 4mm Socket IEC Adaptor Kit (sold separately), the miniPAT is also suitable for testing IEC leads (such as those used with laptops) and cloverleaf power leads.

Even for beginner users the miniPAT is extremely simple to use. All you need to do is make a connection to the appliance being tested via the included probe and crocodile clip, press the test button and the miniPAT will do the rest and show you instantly if the appliance has passed or failed the testing procedure.

This portable PAT checker evaluates both the insulation and earth of a connected appliance to ensure electrical safety is maintained. Insulation testing will fail if resistance of less than 1MΩ is detected (anything above will pass) and earth will fail if >10Ω is detected.

The miniPAT also comes as standard in a protective rubber case and has a low battery indicator.

Testing Appliances with the miniPAT


miniPAT Testing PCClass 1 Appliance: PC

The appliance is plugged into the miniPAT. Appliance switch is in the ON position. Attach  the probe onto the appliance casing and press the test button.

As this is a class 1 appliance, all LEDs must be green.

Class 1 Appliance: Electrical Water UrnminiPAT Testing Urn

The appliance is plugged into the miniPAT. Appliance switch is in the ON position. Attach the probe to clean metal work on the appliance and press the test button.

As this is a class 1 appliance, all LEDs must be green.

Class 1 Appliance: Extension Lead
miniPAT Testing Extension

Plug the included extension lead into the miniPAT. Plug the supplied earth adapter into the extension lead and repeat for each socket.

Class 2 Appliance: Drill
miniPAT Testing Drill

Plug the extension lead into the miniPAT. Attach the earth probe onto any exposed metalwork and press the test button.

Latch the switch in the ON position.

As this is a Class II appliance we need to check that both the insulation and overall class II LEDs are illuminated green. This appliance has passed.

TestSafe miniPAT Appliance Tester Key Features

  • The easiest and quickest way to check electrical safety
  • Compatible with Class 1 and Class 2 appliances
  • Test extension leads with the included R2 adaptor
  • Purchase the optional PAT adapter pack to test IEC and cloverleaf leads
  • Extremely easy to use, even for beginners
  • Bright LED indicator lights show PASS/FAIL status
  • Tests insulation and earth
  • Protective rubber case
  • Low battery indicator

What's Included?

  • TestSafe miniPAT Appliance Tester
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • miniPAT R2 Earth Socket
  • 9V Battery
  • Earth Bond Lead
  • Crocodile Clip
Technical Specs

Part Code: 881AT

TestSafe MiniPAT Technical Specifications

Resistance Ranges  Class I Appliances and Cables The L-E LED will light red when the reistance between the line to earth on the appliance or cable is lower than 1MΩ ±5%
The N-E LED will light red when the resistance between neutral to earth is lower than 1MΩ ±5%.
The earth bond LED will light green when the resistance between the earth of the appliance or cable to the probe is lower than 0.3Ω ±5%
Class II Appliances  The Class II result will be red if the insulation falls below 2MΩ
The insulation LEDs will flash alternatively if the resistance is between 2MΩ and 1MΩ.
The insulation LEDs will be solid red if the insulation is below 1MΩ
Test Current Line to Earth test current is 5uA maximum.
Neutral to Earth test current is 5uA maximum.
Earth to Probe test current is 50mA maximum.
Maximum Output Voltage 5V rms
Response Time 0.1 secs nominal
Battery Low Indicator 7V nominal
Size 72mm x 150mm x 36mm
Weight (minus the carrying case) Approx. 194g (with battery)
Operating Temperature Range -15° to +55°C
Storage Temperature -20° to +70°C
Battery 9V/ CE Marked/ EN 61326-1

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Easy To Use

Review by Mike (Posted on 24/03/2017)


Easy to use good value PAT tester. Works well for basic requirements such as testing handmade or reterminated cables and extension leads. Don't forget to buy the adaptors for IEC and Cloverleaf if required. Comes in a nice carry case.


Review by RB (Posted on 27/12/2014)


Well made and ideal for home use for which it was purchased.

Great Deal

Review by Slava (Posted on 01/12/2014)


Next day delivery, useful equipment

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