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Law Enforcement Thermals

About Law Enforcement & Security Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are an extremely effective tool for law enforcement. Since thermal cameras use IR technology to see with rather than visible light, the camera is able to clearly detect thermal signatures even through fog, snow and in complete darkness.

For police officers, these thermal cameras can assist greatly in the detection and capture of fugitives. Police officers using thermal cameras are significantly more likely to track down hiding criminals in dark or densely populated areas as the camera allows the officer to see the thermal signature of a hiding person. Without a thermal camera, there's every change the criminal may have remained hidden and escaped.

Many of the thermal imaging cameras in our police and security range are also completely silent running. This means your position will not be given away even in areas where silence is off the utmost importance. The thermal camera basically ensures you yourself are hidden, while also simultaneously allowing you to track down fugitives.

Thanks to their ability to see through various conditions, thermal imaging cameras are also great tools for security. CCTV installations using thermal are much more likely to detect tresspassers, while security staff also armed with thermal imaging devices are able to track and secure tresspassers quickly and efficiently.

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