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SuperRod & Cable Rods

Cable rods are among the most useful of an electricians’ tools. If you’re carrying out any form of cable installation, you’ll know just how fiddly it can be. With the use of the right tool, such as a cable rod, pulling cables through difficult to navigate areas becomes less of a nightmare and much easier to perform.

The task of navigating around attics, behind walls and through other areas is incredibly difficult without the use of cable pulling equipment. There’s also a significant risk that the cable being used could be damaged or not run in straight lines, leading to kinks and possible breaks in insulation either immediately or over a time period. Cable pulling equipment is designed to stop this from happening, and allows users to maintain straight cables without kinks, thus increasing safety and making the overall installation much neater when completed.

Imagine for example you’re pulling a cable under several floorboards. Without a cable installation rod, you’d find yourself taking up every single floorboard, a costly and time consuming exercise. With a cable rod in hand, all you have to do is open a floorboard at the start of the installation, insert the cable, then remove another floorboard at the end point, insert your rod, feed it through, attach the cable, and pull it back to the end point.

Whether you’re installing cables through walls, ceiling, or floors, cable pulling tools allow you to easily direct the cable around the installation. Cable rods generally consist of either a rigid or flexible piece of sturdy wiring onto which a number of different accessories can be equipped including lights, hooks, magnets, mini eyes, chains and various others.

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