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Tolsen 7 Piece Insulated Precision Screwdriver Set (Torx)

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Each screw driver features an entirely hardened blade for stability and strength, as well as ergonomic and comfortable handle/grips.


  • 1x T6x50mm (Torx type)      
  • 1x T8x50mm (Torx type)  
  • 1x T10x50mm (Torx type)  
  • 1x T15x50mm (Torx type)  
  • 1x T20x50mm (Torx type)  
  • 1x Slotted: 0.5x3.0x50mm
  • 1x Phillips: PH0x50mm

Key Features:

  • Chemically blacked surface
  • S2 material blade, entirely hardened and tempered
  • Manufactured according to EN60900      
  • VDE/GS certificated
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