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24m Static Earthing Reel, Aluminium Case & Explosion Proof Clip (IP65)

24m Static Earthing Reel, Aluminium Case & Explosion Proof Clip (IP65)
sku: 6195/IP65/723
MPN: 6195/IP65/723

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  • IP65 protection against dust and water
  • 24m of cable included
  • Clip can be used in explosive environments

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24m Static Earthing Reel, Aluminium Case & Explosion Proof Clip (IP65) Details

Please note that the explosive proof clip is the only part of this system certified for use in explosive atmospheres. The cable reel and cable are NOT certified for use in these environments and should be installed in a Safety Zone as defined in directive 99/92/CE.

This static earthing system is IP65 rated, meaning it can be used in environments where there are significant levels of dust or water.

Featuring 24m of cable inside a high quality aluminium reel, the cable can be used to create an earthing point in order to safely divert the flow of static electricity away from a system and return it to earth. A clip is also included in order to firmly secure a grounding point for this purpose.

The clip supplied in this kit is fully explosive proof and is certified for safe usage within these environments. The cable and reel are not certified for this purpose.

24m Static Earthing Reel (IP65) with Aluminium Casing & Explosion Proof Clip Key Features

  • Clip can be used in explosive atmospheres. Case and cable cannot
  • Divert the flow of static electricity to a designated grounding point, preventing accidents
  • Cable reel made of high quality aluminium for extra protection
  • Ratchet stop at every 50cm (can be disabled)
  • Double earth contact
  • Cable roller guide
  • IP65 protection rating
Technical Specs

Part Code: 6195/IP65/723
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