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  1. IT and Utility Supply Guaranteed during Business Insovency Rescue

    The Government is proceeding with plans to secure continuation of essential IT and utility supplies to failing but viable businesses while they are being rescued. Under proposals to Parliament today, essential suppliers of IT, water, gas, electricity and communications services will be prevented from cutting off supply or charging premium rates while insolvency practitioners seek a viable solution to rescue a business. Continue reading →
  2. Battery Testing avoids UPS Failure

    Battery backup and generator systems are used everywhere from hospitals and IT datacentres to small UPS systems for backing up office PCs. Batteries need regular maintenance and checking to ensure that they are working correctly, that they still provide their rated outputs and that they are not deteriorating. Continue reading →
  3. What to Look for when Buying Test Leads

    There are a huge number of test leads that are available on the market today with prices ranging from a few pounds to over a hundred. How do you work out which leads are suitable for the tests that you wish to run? Continue reading →
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