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  1. Chauvin Arnoux Explains Innovative True InRush® Function

    Clamp meters and power quality analysers (PQA) can be used to measure and monitor inrush current in order to prevent inconvenient and irritating flickering lights, crashing computers, and tripping circuit breakers. However, Chauvin Arnoux has identified a failing of traditional clamp meters and PQAs: most can only measure inrush current in a system that is initially switched off. This makes them ill-equipped for measuring inrush current that is drawn when a load (light, computer, or motor) is connected to a live installation. Chauvin Arnoux’s True InRush® function, available on a range of their clamp meters and power quality analysers, provides a solution to this issue as Julian Grant explained in a recent EM Magazine article, Uncovering the truth about inrush current.[1] Continue reading →
  2. Important Voluntary Recall Information Regarding Fluke 902FC Clamp Meters

    Fluke has identified a safety problem affecting certain Fluke 902 FC Clamp Meters and has issued a voluntary recall of these items. If you are affected by this recall please return your Fluke 902 FC Clamp Meter to Fluke and/or contact Fluke for more information. For further details, please read Fluke’s Customer Notice, or download their customer letter here. Continue reading →
  3. FLIR’s Five Essential Tools for Electrical Contractors

    Having the right tools at your disposal can significantly improve the ease and certainty with which you can identify electrical problems, while simultaneously reducing the time you spend diagnosing issues. Leading thermal camera and test equipment manufacturer, FLIR has compiled a list of products that every electrical contractor should have in their toolbox. This list includes a thermal camera, voltage detector, clamp meter, wire/ cable tracer and multimeter. View the video and overviews below for further information regarding FLIR’s recommendations. Continue reading →
  4. Introducing the FLIR C3-X and C5 Thermal Cameras

    Building on the success of the FLIR C2 Pocket-Sized Thermal Camera, FLIR has developed two new, upgraded Cx-series models, the FLIR C3-X (the successor to the C2) and the FLIR C5. These compact cameras are suitable for inspecting and troubleshooting buildings, facilities, and HVAC/R and electrical systems. They can be used to find hidden hotspots on electrical equipment, detect sources of energy waste, and locate HVAC/R issues as well as structural defects. The FLIR C3-X and C5 Thermal Cameras are ideal for electricians, plumbers, and maintenance technicians. Continue reading →
  5. Di-log and PASS Explain Safe Isolation

    This article was updated on 04/02/2021 to include additional images and a link to Professional Electrician & Installer's 'Safe isolation saves lives | Di-Log'. Safe Isolation Blog Banner When working with live low-voltage installations or equipment, following safe isolation procedures is vital to protecting you and your team. PASS Ltd and Di-log are dedicated to ensuring the safety of electricians and tradesmen; together we offer a range of lockout, voltage indication and proving equipment, such as Di-log’s CombiVolt 1 & CombiVolt 2 Voltage Testers, PU690V Proving Unit and DLL0C1 Personal Lockout Kit, designed to help you meet safe isolation regulations. These kits were featured in a recent article by Professional Electrician & Installer. Continue reading →
  6. Ways Businesses Can Save Energy: A White Paper

    Chauvin Arnoux Energy Saving Testers Chauvin Arnoux Energy Saving Testers Energy leaks are economically and environmentally costly. To help businesses maximise energy efficiency, reduce costs and comply with environmental government policies, Chauvin Arnoux has compiled the following white paper: Sound Advice on Saving Energy: Outlining the Path to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency. Continue reading →
  7. Build Back Greener After Coronavirus: Use a PEL to Monitor and Improve Energy Efficiency

    Power Quality Analyser Blog As part of the government’s attempts to build back greener after coronavirus, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed a Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. This billion-pound program is aimed at improving energy efficiency in schools, hospitals and other public buildings. It is part of the UK’s efforts to reduce the public sector’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in a bid to meet legally binding targets of net zero emissions by 2050. Portable energy loggers, such as Chauvin Arnoux’s PEL103, are vital tools when it comes to measuring energy consumption and efficiency. These relatively inexpensive instruments can be used to establish an initial benchmark prior to implementing changes. Additionally, PELs can pinpoint where improvements would be most effective and can be used to monitor progress over time. Continue reading →
  8. BUY A FLUKE GET A FREE FLUKE! - Spring 2021

    Please note this blog was originally published on the 4th September 2020. It was updated on the 15th February 2021 to detail the conditions of the Spring 2021 promotion. Spend £200 or more on any qualifying Fluke or Fluke Calibration instrument between 15th February 2021 and 30th June 2021 to receive a FREE Fluke tool of your choice (UK ONLY, see T&Cs below). Continue reading →
  9. IET & BSI BS7671:2018 Amendment Could Help Achieve 2035 Petrol & Diesel Ban

    18th Edition Amendment Amendment 1 to BS 7671:2018 (18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations) aims to support the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the UK and is due to come into immediate effect. Continue reading →
  10. Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester

    The Kewtech SMARTPAT PAT Tester is Kewtech’s newest and most sophisticated PAT tester to date (September 2019). It presents a viable, affordable alternative to other professional PAT testers, making it ideal for those performing large volumes of extensive tests on a variety of appliances.
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