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Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera

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Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera
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Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera

The Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera is a fully radiometric infrared imager with an IR resolution of 120 x 90 (10 800 pixels): each pixel contains temperature information. It is capable of measuring temperatures between -20°C and +400°C.

Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal CameraThis imager serves as an effective troubleshooting and predictive maintenance tool. The Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera can be used to inspect pumps, motors, electrical panels and fuses, as well as perform frontline scans of various assets. This tool enables the user to identify failing components allowing him/her to affect the necessary repairs before significant damage is incurred; this, in turn, decreases the overall downtime of the appliance-, plant- or system-under-investigation.

Via the 3.5-inch, LCD, touchscreen display the user is able to view captured thermal images, allowing him/her to troubleshoot systems quickly and easily. The user can set the PTi120 to display images in one of six colour palettes. It is also equipped with IR-Fusion™ technology that can be used to blend infrared images with visible-light images to varying degrees, providing the user with the required thermal data as well as the detail of a visible-light image. This adds to the ease of identifying and locating faulty components. To adjust the degree of blending the user slides his/her finger across the screen.

Also adding to the practicality of this instrument is its small, rugged design. The Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera is compact with an IP54 enclosure rating and has been drop tested up to 1m. This resilient instrument is resistant to dust and water ingress and can be carried across and between work sites in the user’s pocket ensuring that it is always quick and easy to access.

Time efficiency and convenience are at the forefront of this IR imager’s design. To this end, the Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera is equipped with a Fluke Connect Asset Tagging feature designed to improve the speed and ease of image organisation. The user needs only scan the asset’s barcode or QR code and the infrared images, as well as all of the date and time stamped information, will be saved to the predefined folder.  This information can be sent to a PC and/or relevant persons via Wi-Fi or it can be transferred to a PC or network via a USB interface.

The Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera is a portable, precise and practical radiometric infrared imager suitable for conducting quick inspections of various assets.


Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager

Key Features

  • Fully radiometric thermal imager
  • IR resolution: 120 x 90 (10 800 pixels)
  • Each pixel contains temperature information
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +400°C
  • Frame rate: 9 Hz
  • An effective troubleshooting and preventative maintenance tool
  • Inspect pumps, motors, electrical panels and fuses
  • Perform frontline scans of various assets
  • Identify failing components before significant damage incurs
  • Decrease downtime
  • 3.5”, LCD, touchscreen display
  • Six colour palettes
  • IR-Fusion™ technology blends thermal images with visible light images to varying degrees
  • Alter the degree of IR-Fusion™ by sliding a finger across the screen
  • Small, rugged design
  • IP54 enclosure
  • Resistant to dust and water ingress
  • Drop tested up to 1m
  • Can be carried in a pocket
  • Fluke Connect Asset Tagging: scan a barcode or QR code to save the infrared images and date and time stamped information to a predefined folder
  • Send information to a PC, network or relevant persons via Wi-Fi
  • Automatically uploads saved information to a network or PC when connected via a USB interface
  • A portable, practical and precise infrared imager suitable for conducting quick inspections of assets

What’s Included?

  • Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera
  • USB Cable (for charging and data transfer)
  • Soft Carrying Case
  • Adjustable Lanyard

Fluke’s Fluke Connect Desktop Software and the user manual are available for free download.

Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imaging Camera Technical Specifications 

Key Features
IFOV (spatial resolution) 7.6 mRad
Infrared resolution 120 x 90 (10,800 pixels)
Field of view 50° H x 38° V
Distance to spot 130:1
Temperature measurement range (not calibrated below -10 °C) -20 °C to 400 °C
Focus system Fixed focus, minimum focus distance 22.8 cm
USB Mini USB used to transfer image to PC
Wifi Yes
Fluke Connect™ Instant Upload Yes, connect your camera to your building’s WiFi network, and images taken automatically upload to the Fluke Connect™ system or your local server for storage and viewing on your PC (802.11 bgn (2.4 GHz))
Image Quality
IR-Fusion technology Yes, adds the context of the visible details to your infrared image
AutoBlend mode Continuous 0% to 100%
Touchscreen display 3.5’’ (landscape), 320 x 240 LCD
Rugged, ergonomic design Yes
Thermal sensitivity (NETD) 60 mK
Frame rate 9 Hz
Data Storage and Image Capture
Memory ≥ 2GB internal flash memory
Image capture, review, save mechanism One-handed image capture, review, and save capability
Image file formats Non-radiometric (jpeg), or fully radiometric (.is2); no analysis software required for non-radiometric (jpeg) files
Software Fluke Connect® desktop software—full analysis and reporting software with access to the Fluke Connect system
Export file formats with software JPG, IS2
Measurement range -20 °C ~ 400 °C
Batteries (rechargable) Internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Battery life ≥ 2 hours continuous (without WiFi)
Battery charging time ≤ 1.5 hours
Battery charging system Micro USB cord from product to PC
AC operation With separate AC to USB adapter. Not included in box.
Power saving Automatic Shutdown:
5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes or never
Temperature Measurement 
Temperature measurement range (not calibrated below -10 °C) -20 °C to 400 °C
Accuracy Target temp at or over 0 °C: Accuracy: ± 2 °C or ± 2%
On-screen emissivity correction Yes
On-screen reflected background temperature compensation Yes
Colour Palettes 
Standard palettes 6: Ironbow, Blue-Red, High Contrast, Amber, Hot Metal, Grayscale
General Specifications 
Colour alarms (temperature alarms) High temperature, low temperature, and isotherms (within range)
Infrared spectral band 8 μm to 14 μm (long wave)
Operating temperature -10 °C to +50 °C (14 °F to 122 °F)
Storage temperature -40 °C to +70 °C (-40 °F to 158 °F)
Relative humidity 95% non-condensing
Centre-point temperature Yes
Spot temperature Hot and cold spot markers
Safety EN 61010-1: CAT none, pollution degree 2, EN 60825-1: Class 2, EN 60529, EN 62133 (lithium battery)
Electromagnetic compatibility EN301 489-1 V2.1.1 EN301489-17 V3.1.1
US FCC CFR, Part 15C
Vibration and shock 2G, IEC 68-2-6 and 25G, IEC 68-2-29
Drop 1 meter
Size (H x W x L) 8.9 cm x 12.7 cm x 2.5 cm
(3.5 in x 5.0 in x 1.0 in)
Weight (battery included) 0.233 kg (0.514 lb)
Enclosure rating IP54
Warranty Two-years
Supported languages Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish
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