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Reward Points

Reward points are a fantastic way for members to save money off future purchases; such as leads, labels and accessories.

Member's receive the following Reward Point rates:

Earn: £1 spent = 2 Reward Points

Spend: 1 Reward Point = 1p

For example, spend £500 and earn £10 in Reward Points.

If you haven't already, becoming a member is a free and easy process, sign up today by clicking the button below.


How do members earn reward points?

When you add products to your Shopping Basket the amount of points you receive is shown on screen. After purchasing an item the points will be added to your account, which you can access by logging in.


How do members spend your reward points?

You will be able to spend your points on any purchase. To do this, continue through the checkout process as normal and select the following option at Step 4, 'Payment Information':

Reward Points