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ABUS 65 Series Brass Padlocks

ABUS 65 Series Brass Padlocks
sku: ABUS 65/X
MPN: 65/20

  • Weather-resistant, brass padlocks with non-corrosive inner components
  • Suitable for low to medium level security applications
  • Paracentric keyways

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Was: £6.45
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ABUS 65 Series Brass Padlocks Details

***Please be aware that although there are only ten models listed in the drop-down selection, these are only a fraction of the available ABUS 65 Series Brass Padlocks. Should you require a customised padlock, please contact our sales team with your specific requirements for a tailored quote. ***

The models listed in the drop-down selection vary in regards to their security ratings (more information below), dimensions and shackle proportions; please consult the following table for further details.

Model Number

(As indicated in the drop-down selection)

Long Shackle


Body Width


Body Depth 


Shackle Height


Width between Shackle Prongs


Diameter of Shackle Prong


Total Height 

(Body + Shackle)


CEN Grade*

ABUS GPS Rating**


N 20 10 11 9 4 34 2 3


N 25 12 13 13 4 42 2 3


N 30 14 17 15 5 50 2 4


Y 30 14 60 16 5 93 2 4


N 40 15 22 22 6 62 2 5


Y 40 15 40 22 6 77 2 5


Y 40 15 63 22 6 103 2 5


N 50 18 29 28 8 77 2 6


Y 50 18 80 28 8 129 2 6


N 60 19 35 24 10 91 2 6

*Graded 1-6, with 6 offering the highest level of security

**1-10 scale, level of security increases as the number increases



All of ABUS’ 65 Series Brass Padlocks are rated two by CEN (Central European Norm) security standards, however, within this range, ABUS advise that some padlocks are more secure than others, as such ABUS suggest that different padlock models should be utilised for different tasks:

  • 65/15 to 65/25 – These padlocks are ideal for securing less valuable goods and/or items at a low risk of theft, such as bags, suitcases, jewellery and/or cash boxes.
  • 65/30 to 65/60 – These padlocks are optimised for securing items of a medium value, which are under a medium threat of theft. These padlocks are suitable for locking chains, doors, gates, cupboards, lockers, tool boxes, cellar windows, sheds and switchboards.

All of these models are suitable for outdoor usage as each one features a solid brass body, non-corrosive inner components and a hardened steel shackle with a NANO PROTECT™ coating, protecting these products against the effects of the weather and rust.

In addition to being resilient, the security of these padlocks has been improved via the inclusion of a precision pin tumbler cylinder, paracentric keyway (resistant to picking), and a self-locking shackle (will securely close when pushed) which locks on both sides. Further to this, CS models with shackle guard (restricts access to the shackle) are also available, please call our sales team for further information.

With such an array of features, designs and sizes, the ABUS 65 Series Brass Padlocks offer a solution to almost all low-level to medium-level security problems.

ABUS 65 Series Brass Padlocks Key Features

  • Brass padlocks which offer a solution to almost all low to medium level security needs
  • Available in ten standard models, however further models are available, please call our sales team for details
  • Keyed different (unless otherwise specified)
  • CEN Grade 2
  • 65/15-65/25 suitable for low-level security applications
  • 65/30-65/60 suitable for medium-level security applications
  • Solid brass body
  • Non-corrosive inner components
  • Hardened steel shackle with NANO PROTECT™ coating
  • Resilient
  • Weather-resistant
  • Rust resistant
  • Precision pin tumbler cylinder
  • Paracentric keyway resists manipulation
  • Self-locking shackle
  • Shackle locks on both sides
  • CS models with shackle guard are also available, please call our sales team for more information

What’s Included?

  • Your Choice of ABUS 65 Brass Padlock
  • Accompanying Key
Technical Specs

Part Code: 65/20
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