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  • Working on site and need specific 110V or 230V equipment? We stock a wide variety of different 110V and 230V tools including extension leads, cable reels, site lighting, splitter boxes, plugs/couplers and dedicated transformers.
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  • Fully insulated against the effects of electricity (usually up to 1000V), these tools enhance safety and make sure you won't be electrocuted. Includes everything from ladders and spanners to allen keys, saws and torque wrenches.
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  • The best place to get the highest quality tools! With premium-quality items from leading manufacturers such as CK Tools, we stock a huge range that are perfect for everyone from electricians to joiners, builders and all other professional users.
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  • Lockout Tagout equipment is used to isolate energy sources and prevent operation during maintenance procedures. This section includes bundle packs of lockout devices including padlocks, tagout tags and various different types of lockouts suitable for use on electrical, pneumatic and other energy sources.
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  • Wide range of cases and bags available from protecting smaller testers such as multimeters, voltage/continuity testers and other small instruments. Cases for protecting larger testers such as MFTs/earth testers and packs of fuses also available.
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Whether you’re looking for a more accurate solution to the common tape measure or need something to help you see around corners, this category has you covered.

You’ll find a wide range of different tools and accessories available in this section of the site, ranging from high quality laser distance meters to the latest extremely useful cable installation tools from SuperRod.

We also stock flexible borescopes, highly useful devices which have cameras fitted to a piece of flexible cabling, allowing users to see into difficult to reach applications such as inside ducts or into other areas without the need to dismantle equipment.

SuperRods (Cable Rods) are ideal accessories for use in routing cables throughout a property or installation. These often come in cable rod sets, allowing users to use a cable puller to route through several different types of cable (these often come with bundled accessories as well, allowing cables to be easily manoeuvred through various different applications).

Distance meters are becoming increasingly more popular in building surveys and other measurement conditions due to their high accuracy across a distance. These are also known quite commonly as laser distance meters due to their ability to use lasers to pinpoint a measurement, and when in use these devices are a much more practical tool than using a tape measure to cover long distance measurements.

This section of the site also contains thickness testers and hardness testers. Thickness testers are suitable for measuring the overall depth of something; examples include using a coating and paint thickness tester to evaluate the overall thickness of a coat of paint on something such as a car. Hardness testers are designed to test the overall hardness of an object; examples of these in use include evaluating the overall ripeness of fruit, ideal for use in the food cultivation industry.

You’ll also find a selection of products under this section known as Lockout/Tagout Kits. These bundle packages are used to effectively isolate energy sources, preventing machines from being operated while essential maintenance is taking place. The lockout part of this consists of attaching a lockout device to the energy source, while the tagout part consists of attaching relevant documentation such as a tag to the locking out point.

Sick of carrying around your tester and worried about it getting damaged? We stock a large selection of test equipment cases and bags designed to protect testers from harm. These come in various different sizes and types; some may be happy enough with a soft pouch, while others may prefer a hard protective case with handle. 

Need a spare fuse? We’ve also got multiple packs available of different fuse types.

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