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Applent AT4808 Handheld Multi-Channel Temperature Meter

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Test temperature on the move with Applent's portable meter, the AT4808!

The meter comes as standard with 8 separate channels, allowing users to attach different thermocouples to the instrument in order to measure temperature values. All 8 of these values can be displayed simultaneously on the screen and unique high/low indicators can be set for each channel.

Multiple thermocouple types can be used with the AT4808; it's compatible with J, K, T, E, S, N and B type thermocouples and can also be used with a PT100 probe for measuring of thermal resistance. The temperature measurement range of the instrument varies depending on the type(s) of thermocouple you're using, but all measurements are carried out with basic accuracy of 0.2%+1°C and resolution of 0.1°C.

Applent AT4808 Handheld Multi-Channel Temperature Meter Key Features

  • Works with type J, K, T, E, S, N and B thermocouples
  • Also measures thermal resistance
  • High accuracy and excellent resolution
  • Portable design for use on the move
  • Fast, medium and slow measurement speeds
  • Error correction for each channel
  • Set a unique high/low indicator for each channel
  • U-disc and mini-USB interface
  • High quality colour screen
  • Cold junction compensation
  • Broken thermocouple check

What's Included?

  • Applent AT4804 Temperature Meter
  • ATL909 Power Adaptor
  • ATL804 Lithium Battery (Inside Meter)
  • ATL110 K type Thermocouples
  • ATL105 Communication Cable
  • ATL202 Carrying Bag
  • ATS42xx PC Software
Part CodeAT4808

Applent AT4808 Technical Specifications

*Important Note: Applent specifies in their documentation that the sampling rate of this product (shown as 'speed' below) is specified per channel.

This means that the speed changes depending on how many channels are used - if you were using the 'low' setting at 1s/channel and using all 8 channels at the same time, the speed would increase to 8s/channel.

Basically, speed is multiplied by the number of channels used. If you were to use a single channel, the speed would be 1s/channel as specified.

Thermocouple Compatability J, K, T, E, S, N and B
PT100: thermal resistance
Accuracy 0.2% + 1°C
Range -200 to 1300°C (varies depending on thermocouple)
Resolution 0.1°C
Channels 8 channel thermocouples or 8 channel PT100s
Speed* Fast: 100ms/channel
Medium: 500ms/channel
Low: 1s/channel
Correction Error correction for each channel
Comparator High and low beep
High and low value setting individually for each channel
Interface U-disc interface
Mini USB (virtual serial port)
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