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About Thermometers, Humidity Meters & Dataloggers

It's easier than ever to measure temperature thanks to fantastic innovations. Infrared, non-contact thermometers are rapidly becoming much more popular, while traditional thermal equipment, such as temperature probes, continue to be extremely useful.

If you require a solution for testing temperatures, we're extremely confident that you'll find the right product on this site. We stock absolutely everything, from the aforementioned infrared thermometers to data loggers that record temperatures without user input.

Those working in temperature-controlled environments will find great use in data-logging thermometers. These handy devices are user-programmable, and often clip to surfaces to warn you of sudden spikes or drops in temperatures by using audible or flashing-LED alarms. They're an essential purchase for the food production industry where things have to be kept at the optimal temperature, and they're also perfect for extremely hot environments where sudden spikes in temperature could be hazardous for personnel.

Not everyone is working on the same budget, and that's why we're committed to bringing you the widest range of thermometers at the very best prices. We also stock only the best test equipment in the world from trusted suppliers such as Extech, Amprobe, and the industry-leading manufacturer Fluke, so you can rest assured that all of our products are of extremely high quality.

Tester's range of humidity testers comes from industry-leading suppliers around the globe, providing excellent readings and testers that don't break the bank due to our low prices. We also stock a range of thermal accessories which are designed to complement many other forms of thermal equipment.

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