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Applent AT518/AT518L Handheld DC Resistance Meter (Choice of Model)

Applent AT518/AT518L Handheld DC Resistance Meter (Choice of Model)
sku: AT518/AT518L

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  • Choice of two versions
  • Wide measurement range
  • Handheld, portable design

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£560.00 Incl. VAT £672.00
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Applent AT518/AT518L Handheld DC Resistance Meter (Choice of Model) Details

Please note that there are two versions of this product available. The AT518L is the entry-level product, while the AT518 has larger measurement range and a few additional features (see tech specs section for more information on the tester's differences). You can choose which version of this tester you'd like to order by using the dropdown box above.

Designed for use on the move, Applent's AT518 range of testers are handheld, portable DC resistance meters suitable for use in a wide variety of applications ranging from testing low, medium and high resistors to testing connector contacts, wire resistance and measuring motor/transformer resistance.

With two models available in the range, there's a tester suited to your budget and needs. The AT518L is perfect for those who don't need as wide a measurement range; it can test DC resistance from 10μΩ to 200kΩ, while the AT518 can test across a wider range from 10μΩ to 20MΩ. The AT518L tests with accuracy of 0.1%, while the AT518 tests with accuracy of 0.05%.

In terms of design and appearance, both testers look almost identical. Each is equipped with a 3.5" true colour screen, are the same size and have built-in mini USB interfaces for attachment to other devices.

Applent AT518/AT518L Handheld DC Resistance Meter Key Features

  • Measurement range of 10μΩ to 200kΩ with accuracy of 0.1% (AT518L only)
  • Measurement range of 10μΩ to 20MΩ with accuracy of 0.05% (AT518 only)
  • High current mode available on both testers, low current available on AT518
  • Seven manual/auto ranges on AT518L, ten ranges on AT518
  • Dual-colour protective cast shell casing
  • Battery and external power supply
  • Automatic power off function
  • ABS/PER/SEQ comparison criteria
  • 3.5" full colour screen
  • Auto zero adjust for each range
  • Four terminal resistance measurement
  • Mini-USB interface
  • SCPI-compatible command sets
  • Keypad lock function
  • Background lightness adjustment function
  • Automatic shutdown when left idle

What's Included?

Both models come with the following:

  • Applent AT518/AT518L Handheld DC Resistance Meter (Your Choice of Model)
  • ATL501B Four-Terminal Kelvin Test Clip
  • ATL909 DC Resistance Adaptor
  • ATL202 Carrying Case
  • ATL804 Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Model AT518 also comes with:

  • Mini USB Communication Cable
  • Four-Terminal Test Probe
  • Data Acquisition Software
Technical Specs

Part Code: AT518L

Applent AT518/AT518L Technical Specifications

Model AT518 AT518L
Parameter DC resistance DC resistance
Accuracy 0.05% 0.1%
Measurement Range 10μΩ - 20MΩ 10μΩ to 200kΩ
Measurement Current I-Max: <1A
Current mode: high current, low current
I-Max: <1A
Current mode: high current
Range Auto, manual, nominal with 10 ranges Auto, manual, nominal with 7 ranges
Speed 30 times per second, 15 times per second, 3 times per second 3 times per second
Result Display ABS, PER, SEQ compare way ABS, PER, SEQ compare way
Max Reading 20000 digits 20000 digits
Adjustment Short circuit zero adjust for each range Short circuit zero adjust for each range
Comparator Built-in sorting record, GD/NG sorting result display Built-in sorting record, GD/NG sorting result display
Trigger Internal, manual and remote Manual and internal
Test Lead 4 terminal shielding (2 check terminal and 2 driving terminal) and external shielding ground section
Temperature Compensation Accuracy: 0.02°C
Measurement Range: 0 to 80°C
Interface Built-in mini USB interface

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