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About High Voltage, Utility & Rail Equipment

High voltage installations, integral process machinery, and devices associated with industrial environments all require the use of specialist equipment to maintain integrity, ensure accuracy and maintain healthy operation. This category includes all of the equipment you'll need to test high-voltage systems, evaluate essential process equipment and ensure the correct operation of industrial-grade equipment and devices.

We work closely with the world's premier manufacturers of test equipment and other devices to bring you the latest innovations in HV, process, and industrial equipment. names we work with include Fluke, Megger, Metrel, Seaward, and many others.

High Voltage Testers and Equipment

Our specialist high voltage (HV) equipment is designed to make testing dangerous high voltage systems safe and easy. We currently stock a wide selection of HV devices ranging from high voltage insulation testers to specialist milliohm meters.

Many of our devices are made for use in verifying the status of overhead and other high-voltage lines, ensuring that work doesn't take place on live lines. Live line testers come in various variations and can be used with different adapter types to accommodate use on devices such as switchgear and substations.

It is also possible to use phase comparators to accurately define the comparisons of phase between energised conductors attached to high voltage systems. These devices use indicators and full analogue meters to communicate the differences in the phase when connected to HV systems.

Accessories designed to be used with our range of HV equipment are also available; these include bent-end adaptors, current transformers, and much more.

Our high voltage range is also constantly growing with new additions so come back regularly to ensure you get the newest equipment as it is released!

Process Control Equipment

Process machinery, which often requires a constant operation to carry out repeated tasks, must be regularly evaluated and maintained to ensure that operation remains correct at all times.

We stock a wide variety of process control equipment designed to accurately calibrate process control devices, ensuring that operation remains at optimal levels and productivity isn't lost due to unexpected downtime. Regular calibration of process control devices ensures that accurate operation is maintained.

Several factors such as excessive heat, faulty components, repeated stress, vibration, and various others can all cause process machinery to operate incorrectly. Using process control equipment helps spot faults long before they become a problem and allows remedial action to be taken.

Industrial Test Equipment

Industrial-grade equipment needs industrial-grade testers! This range of devices includes everything you'll need to maintain essential industrial machinery and devices, allowing everything from supply power to measuring dielectric strength to take place.

One of the most useful devices in this category are earthing reels, devices used to provide a path for systems with excessive leakage of current to flow safely to earth rather than build up in a system to cause shocks, sparks, and other problems.

We also stock force gauges which can be used to accurately determine the level of force applied to an object, devices for evaluating battery capacity and we also have a range of specialist intrinsically safe devices which are certified for use in explosive atmospheres.

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