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Applent AT526 AC Resistance Meter / Battery Resistance Meter

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High-performance, high stability and high precision battery tester ideally suited for testing all kinds of contact resistance, testing rechargeable batteries, alkaline cells and determination of lead degradation/battery lifetime estimations plus testing UPS and super capacitor ESR testing.

The upgraded version of Applent's AT520, the AT526 has more measurement functions and wider measurement range than its counterpart. It also comes with a full colour, high quality LCD screen, whereas the AT520 is only equipped with a four-colour VFD screen. A USB interface integrated into the unit can be used to implement the AT526 directly into automated production lines or for remote control.

This tester evaluates the internal resistance of a battery from 0.1μΩ to 33Ω with basic accuracy of 0.5%. It tests voltage across a range 0.00001V to 120V DC with accuracy of 0.01% and also comes with the ability to adjust the measurement speed between four configurations (145 times per second, 30 times per second, 10 times per second and 1 time per second).

Applent AT526 AC Resistance Meter Key Features

  • Uses vector testing methods to measure multiple parameters at the same time
  • Measure the internal voltage and resistance of batteries
  • Comparator (sorting) function
  • Detection of damaged testing wires
  • Compatible with SCPI
  • Improved sampling circuit for high precision results
  • Resistance measurement range of 1μΩ to 3kΩ with basic accuracy of 0.5%
  • Voltage measurement range of 0.00001V to 120V DC with accuracy of 0.01%
  • Adjustable testing sampling speed
  • Short-circuit reset for all ranges
  • Internal, manual, external and remote triggering
  • RS232C interface and USB interface

What's Included?

  • Applent AT526 AC Resistance Meter
  • ATL505 Kelvin Test Wire
  • ATL108 RS232 Interface Cable

Optional Accessories

These items are NOT included as standard. Please contact us by telephone for more information on ordering these accessories.

  • ATL502 Test Probe
  • ATL502A Test Probe
Part CodeAT526

Applent AT526 Technical Specifications

Parameters AC resistance, DC voltage
Accuracy Resistance: 0.3%
Voltage: 0.1%
Range Resistance: 1μΩ to 3kΩ
Voltage: 0.0001V to 120V DC
Signal Source AC 1kHz, open-circuit voltage <20mV
Measurement current: <10mA
Range Options Automatic and manual with 6 ranges
Speed 20 times per second, 10 times per second, 2 times per second
Result Display Show, ΔABS, Δ%, θ, sorting results
Display Max Resistance: 30000
Voltage: 50000
Adjustment Short-circuit reset for all ranges
Comparator NG-LO, GD-IN, NG-HI display and output
Adjustable beeping indicator
Trigger Internal, manual and external
Interface RS232C, Handler interface (PLC)
Other Functions Detection of damaged test wires, true-colour vacuum flourescent screen with VFD display, keypad lock, data hold
Power Supply Voltage: 85V AC - 240V AC
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: Max 15VA
Size 264mm x 107mm x 350mm (Width x height x depth)
Weight 4kg
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