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Applent AT526B AC Resistance Meter / Battery Internal Resistance Meter

Applent AT526B AC Resistance Meter / Battery Internal Resistance Meter
sku: AT526B

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  • Measure the AC resistance and DC voltage of batteries
  • Precision, high accuracy meter with carrying handle
  • RS232 interface

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Applent AT526B AC Resistance Meter / Battery Internal Resistance Meter Details

The Applent AT526B is a high performance AC resistance meter that's ideal for measuring battery internal resistance.

Featuring both micro-ohm and voltage modes, the Applent AT526B can be used for simultaneous measurements and comparisons of battery circuit resistance and open circuit voltage. You can use this meter for battery inspection lines due to the instrument's ability to act as both a low resistance meter and a voltmeter.

Applent's AT526B has wide measurement from from 0.001mΩ to 33.00Ω (AC) and DC voltage range from 0.0001V to 60.000V DC. With these ranges, the Applent AT526B can be used for the inspection of lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, button cells batteries and it can even be used to measure UPS batteries even when the UPS is still online.

This battery internal resistance meter has a built-in comparator for sorting results into high/low bins for both resistance and voltage, includes an RS232 interface for remote control/data acquisition and analysis and also includes a keypad lock function, Chinese/English language options and the ability to set administrator account settings.

Working on the move? The AT526B also includes a carrying handle for easy transportation.

Applent AT526B AC Resistance Meter / Battery Internal Resistance Meter Key Features

  • High precision AC resistance meter suitable for measuring battery resistance and voltage
  • Compatible with various battery types including lithium, lead-acid, button cell and UPS batteries
  • AC resistance measurement range from from 0.001mΩ to 33.00Ω
  • DC voltage measurement range from 0.0001V to 60.000V
  • 3.5", true colour LCD display
  • Simultaneous measurements and comparison of battery internal resistance and open circuit voltage
  • Comparator function - output comparison/decision results for sorting components into resistance HIGH-IN-LOW bins and voltage HIGH-IN-LOW bins
  • 4-terminal measurement method
  • RS232 interface - remote control via PC and data acquisition/analysis
  • USB-disk interface - store test values into a USB disk (over 500 sets)
  • 4 ranges with automatic and manual modes
  • 30times/second, 10 times/second and 1 time/second test speeds
  • Keypad lock function
  • Switch between Chinese/English language modes
  • Time and data settins
  • Set admin account settings
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