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Applent AT851 Battery Ageing Tester

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Test the ageing of switch power and linear power, test chargers, perform capacitance testing on batteries, test the ageing of rechargeable batteries (Li-Ion and NiMH) and more with Applent's AT851 battery Ageing Tester!

Featuring four different kinds of load operation (CC, CV, CP and CR), the AT851 carries out battery lifetime testing in line with all relevant national standards. The tester is actually an upgraded version of the AT8512 and comes equipped with a transit testing function, listing function and a comprehensive testing function for detailing all aspects of connected batteries.

The Applent AT851 also makes document writing more simple thanks to the inclusion of a built-in document editor (on software for a  computer, sold separately) and comes with RS232 and 485 interfaces for connection into existing systems. It's also compatible with standard SCPI protocols, making computer programming significantly easier.

Applent AT851 Battery Ageing Tester Key Features

  • Suitable for testing a wide variety of batteries
  • Short circuit test
  • Transit test
  • Transit list test
  • Comprehensive list test
  • Battery test
  • Files can be organised into 20 groups
  • Internal, bus and external triggers
  • Configured RS232C, USB and handler interfaces
  • SCPI programming languages
  • VDF display
  • Supports 4W remote testing functions
Part CodeAT851

Applent AT851 Technical Specifications

Rated Input 300W, 120V, 30A
CC 0 - 3A, Resolution: 0.0001A; Accuracy: 0.05%
0 - 30A, Resolution: 0.001A; Accuracy: 0.1%
CV 0 - 18V, Resolution: 0.001V; Accuracy: 0.05%
0 - 120V, Resolution: 0.01V; Accuracy: 0.05%
CP 0 - 100W, Resolution: 0.001W; Accuracy: 1%
>100W, Resolution: 0.01W; Accuracy: 1%
CR 0.1 to 99Ω, Resolution: 0.01Ω; Accuracy: 1%
100 - 4kΩ, Resolution: 0.1Ω; Accuracy: 1%
Monitoring Functions Volmeter accuracy: 0.02%
Ammeter Accuracy: 0.1%
Battery Charging Time: 0 to 1000 hours
Battery Power Check: 0 to 999AH
Battery Rest Time: 0 to 1000 hours
Battery Cycle Times: 1 - 10000 times
Speed: 3 times/second, 10 times/second
Short-Circuit Test Current approx 30mA, internal resistance of approx 40mΩ
Transition 10 files, 0.1Hz - 1kHz
List Test 10 documents, 100 steps/file
Test File 10 files, 20 steps/file
Trigger Internal, BUS trigger, external
Interface RS232C and handler interface
Programmable Language SCPI and simple communication protocol
Protection Level 5 safety protection
Other functions VFD display, 4W remote sensing capability, intelligent cooling
Power Supply Voltage: 220V AC
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 20VA (max)
Size 216 x 88 x 300mm (width x height x depth)
Weight 3kg
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