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  1. Monitor Indoor Air Quality to Prevent COVID-19 Outbreaks

    Research into the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 has presented ‘overwhelming evidence’ that inhalation of the virus ‘represents a major transmission route for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).’[1] In response, leading bodies, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)[2] and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)[3], advise improving air ventilation in enclosed spaces in addition to following existing guidance, e.g. washing hands, maintaining social distancing, and wearing a face mask. Monitoring CO2 concentration provides an easy way of assessing air quality and maintaining good air ventilation. PASS Ltd offers a range of indoor air quality monitors suitable for this purpose, including Chauvin Arnoux’s CA 1510 IAQ Tester. Continue reading →
  2. Di-log and PASS Explain Safe Isolation

    Safe Isolation Blog Banner When working with live low-voltage installations or equipment, following safe isolation procedures is vital to protecting you and your team. PASS Ltd and Di-log are dedicated to ensuring the safety of electricians and tradesmen; together we offer a range of lockout, voltage indication and proving equipment, such as Di-log’s CombiVolt 1 & CombiVolt 2 Voltage Testers, PU690V Proving Unit and DLL0C1 Personal Lockout Kit, designed to help you meet safe isolation regulations. Continue reading →
  3. Ways Businesses Can Save Energy: A White Paper

    Chauvin Arnoux Energy Saving Testers Chauvin Arnoux Energy Saving Testers Energy leaks are economically and environmentally costly. To help businesses maximise energy efficiency, reduce costs and comply with environmental government policies, Chauvin Arnoux has compiled the following white paper: Sound Advice on Saving Energy: Outlining the Path to Sustainability and Energy Efficiency. Continue reading →
  4. Build Back Greener After Coronavirus: Use a PEL to Monitor and Improve Energy Efficiency

    Power Quality Analyser Blog As part of the government’s attempts to build back greener after coronavirus, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has revealed a Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme. This billion-pound program is aimed at improving energy efficiency in schools, hospitals and other public buildings. It is part of the UK’s efforts to reduce the public sector’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in a bid to meet legally binding targets of net zero emissions by 2050. Portable energy loggers, such as Chauvin Arnoux’s PEL103, are vital tools when it comes to measuring energy consumption and efficiency. These relatively inexpensive instruments can be used to establish an initial benchmark prior to implementing changes. Additionally, PELs can pinpoint where improvements would be most effective and can be used to monitor progress over time. Continue reading →
  5. First Year Service FREE on Testo Flue Gas Analysers

    This Autumn, Testo is offering you a Free 1st year service when you purchase select models of their popular Flue Gas Analyser kits. Continue reading →

    Spend £100 or more on any qualifying Fluke IG, Fluke Calibration or Fluke Network instrument between 1st September 2020 and 15th December 2020 and receive a FREE Fluke tool of your choice (UK ONLY, see T&Cs below). Continue reading →
  7. Legionnaires' Disease: Managing the Risk Post Lockdown

    When the UK entered lockdown on the 23rd March 2020 many offices, schools, universities, leisure facilities and tourist attractions were forced to shut. Now, as the UK begins to re-open, concerns of social distancing, hygiene and sanitation have been raised. One such concern is the increased risk of Legionella outbreaks caused by a build-up of Legionella pneumophilia bacteria in the stagnant water systems of buildings that have been closed due to lockdown. Continue reading →
  8. NEW FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software

    The FLIR Screen-EST™ Skin-Temperature-Screening Software is a newly developed, plug-and-play, turnkey solution specifically designed to detect elevated skin temperature which can be indicative of a fever, a common symptom of many illnesses including COVID-19.[1] This desktop software is easy to use and set up; it is compatible with FLIR’s A400, A700 Exx-, T5xx- and T8xx-series Thermal Cameras. Continue reading →
  9. Which FLIR Thermal Cameras are Suitable for Skin-Temperature Screening?

    FLIR is registered with the US FDA to supply a variety of thermal products suitable for elevated skin temperature (EST) screening; provided that they are used with additional screening tools such as body thermometers.[1] Many FLIR handheld, automated and fixed-mounted thermal imaging cameras, originally purposed for applications such as electrical and building maintenance, condition monitoring, early fire detection and product control, are suitable for skin-temperature screening. These include FLIR’s Exx- and T-series, as well as A320 Tempscreen and A400 and A700 EST Thermal Cameras. Continue reading →
  10. FLIR Offers FREE Training for Skin-Temperature Screening

    FLIR has provided a series of FREE short video tutorials (available below) to aid businesses, organisations and screening staff with conducting accurate and reliable skin-temperature checks using FLIR Exx- and T-series Thermal Cameras. These thermal imaging cameras can be installed at building entrances, ports of entry and checkpoints to screen individuals for elevated skin temperature. EST can be suggestive of a fever which is a common symptom of many illnesses including COVID-19.[1] Therefore, these FLIR Exx- and T-series Thermal Cameras can be used alongside other social distancing and hygiene measures to help prevent the spread of infection in public and professional places. Continue reading →
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