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  1. International Women’s Day: Hertha Ayrton, the First Female Member of the IET

    For International Women’s Day (8th Match 2021), we thought we would tell you about Hertha Ayrton, a pioneer in the field of electrical engineering and the first woman to be elected as a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, known these days as the IET (The Institute of Engineering and Technology). The IET is a multidisciplinary professional engineering institution, advisory body, and publisher of electrical regulations. Continue reading →
  2. Thermal Imaging Camera - Trade-In and Save!

    Do you have an old thermal imaging camera? Or, are you ready to upgrade to the latest sleek model and technology? Now is the time to get the camera that you really want. Continue reading →
  3. Chauvin Arnoux Explains Innovative True InRush® Function

    Clamp meters and power quality analysers (PQA) can be used to measure and monitor inrush current in order to prevent inconvenient and irritating flickering lights, crashing computers, and tripping circuit breakers. However, Chauvin Arnoux has identified a failing of traditional clamp meters and PQAs: most can only measure inrush current in a system that is initially switched off. This makes them ill-equipped for measuring inrush current that is drawn when a load (light, computer, or motor) is connected to a live installation. Chauvin Arnoux’s True InRush® function, available on a range of their clamp meters and power quality analysers, provides a solution to this issue as Julian Grant explained in a recent EM Magazine article, Uncovering the truth about inrush current.[1] Continue reading →
  4. Important Voluntary Recall Information Regarding Fluke 902FC Clamp Meters

    Fluke has identified a safety problem affecting certain Fluke 902 FC Clamp Meters and has issued a voluntary recall of these items. If you are affected by this recall please return your Fluke 902 FC Clamp Meter to Fluke and/or contact Fluke for more information. For further details, please read Fluke’s Customer Notice, or download their customer letter here. Continue reading →
  5. Five Reasons Plumbers and Heating Engineers Need a Thermal Camera

    Thermal imaging cameras detect infrared energy and convert this into a thermal image allowing you to see the distribution of heat throughout the scene. PASS stocks a range of thermal imaging cameras optimised for building, heating, and plumbing diagnostics, including models by FLIR and Testo. Plumbers and heating engineers use thermal cameras to improve the ease and efficiency of jobs as they provide a fast and simple method of identifying damp, water damage, radiator blockages, and leaking pipes. Read on to discover five ways a thermal imaging camera can help you in your daily work. Continue reading →
  6. Tech Tip: Druck Explains How to Calculate Loop Transmitter Systems’ Requirements & Limitations

    Transmitters emit current loop signal outputs of 4 to 20mA. Industrial systems often utilise transmitters with 4 to 20mA sensor signals because they provide noise immunity, support use with long cable lengths, and require only two-wire connectivity. However, if all the factors of a loop transmitter system are not taken into account the system could fail or have limited functionality. Fortunately, Druck has produced a paper that offers instructions and tips on how to calculate the requirements and limitations of loop transmitter systems. Continue reading →
  7. Oximeters Used to Monitor COVID Patients

    A recent BBC News article has drawn attention to an NHS strategy in which pulse oximeters are being distributed to high-risk COVID-19 patients in order to monitor their progress at home. These £20 instruments provide an easy method of monitoring oxygen levels, allowing patients and doctors to identify silent hypoxia sooner and take action before situations become critical. Dr Matt Inada-Kim, ‘the doctor leading the [Covid Oximetry@home] scheme thinks everyone should consider buying one’.[1] Continue reading →
  8. FLIR’s Five Essential Tools for Electrical Contractors

    Having the right tools at your disposal can significantly improve the ease and certainty with which you can identify electrical problems, while simultaneously reducing the time you spend diagnosing issues. Leading thermal camera and test equipment manufacturer, FLIR has compiled a list of products that every electrical contractor should have in their toolbox. This list includes a thermal camera, voltage detector, clamp meter, wire/ cable tracer and multimeter. View the video and overviews below for further information regarding FLIR’s recommendations. Continue reading →
  9. Measure Heating Systems Safely and Efficiently: A Testo White Paper

    Testo’s winter deals, which are valid until the 30th April 2021, include a free Testo 830-T2 IR Thermometer with every Testo 327-1 and 320B Flue Gas Analyser Kit, as well as new Testo 300 FGA models and kits at promotional prices. To accompany this range of winter 2021 offers, Testo has compiled a helpful white paper, which offers useful tips, diagrams and data, to aid engineers with conducting checks on heating systems quickly and safely. Continue reading →
  10. Cold Chain Vaccine Storage: Temperature Data Loggers Essential to Preserving Jab Potency

    On the 4th January 2021, 82-year-old Brian Pinker became the first person to receive the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine which was approved by the MHRA for UK distribution on the 30th December 2020.[1] This follows the MHRA’s approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine on the 2nd December 2020[2]; inoculation using this vaccine began on the 8th December 2020 with Margaret Keenan becoming the first-ever recipient.[3] However, transporting, storing and distributing injections brings its own set of logistical problems as their viability is dependent on maintaining specific temperatures which vary from vaccine to vaccine. Monitoring and maintaining temperature is therefore essential to ensuring successful mass inoculation. Many companies, such as Comark, Testo and FilesThruTheAir, have developed temperature data logging solutions optimised for this purpose. Continue reading →
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