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  • See Corona Discharges with Ofil DayCor® Cameras!

    Ofil offers a huge selection of genuine imaging cameras which make corona discharge and arcing activity visible. What is corona discharge?  Why do we want to reduce it?  How can it be visible?

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  • Analogue vs Digital Pressure Gauges

    Pressure gauges are designed to measure gas and liquid pressure. They are the most commonly used piece of equipment within electrical and industrial plants and are widely used across many different industries. There are two basic types of pressure gauges: analogue (dial) and digital, let`s see their benefits and drawbacks. Continue reading

  • How to detect buried cables?

    A fundamental part of the construction, installation and maintenance of buried utilities is digging holes in the ground. During every excavation there is a risk of damaging buried services. Today telecommunication cables often join the utility lines underground, so locating them is more complex now than it was in the past. Continue reading

  • Voluntary Recall Information - FLUKE Socket Testers

    Fluke Corporation has issued a voluntary recall on their Fluke SM100, SM200 and SM300 Electrical Socket Testers. If you have one of these products it is advisable to read the attached document to see if your product is affected. Details of what to do and how to contact Fluke for a product replacement are included.

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  • Thermal Imaging Camera Trade-in Offer

    Out with the Old and in with the New

    With the release of so many new thermal imaging cameras on the market lately, your old model may be feeling a little outdated. With new features on some models such as WiFi, enhanced imaging, higher accuracy levels and thermal sensitivity, you might want to upgrade your existing camera to a newer version or to something with a higher specification.

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  • Which type of Moisture Meters?

    In winter and spring the humidity increases around us; so now can be a good time to consider the importance of moisture meters and their various features.
    Professional people use moisture meters to measure the moisture in walls, floors, concrete, hay and other materials, as even minor differences in moisture content can cause a big difference in the results of their work.

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  • Using Thermal Imaging and Night Vision for Pest Control

    Thermal cameras identify heat sources. Body heat given off by small mammals such as mice, rats, or even from a wasps nest can be spotted using a thermal imaging camera. As well as finding the pest you can also use the thermal camera to look for clues. Thermal imaging is brilliant for locating missing insulation in the cavity of a property’s wall.

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  • 5 Reasons to Calibrate your Flue Gas Analyser

    Every plumber and gas installer knows that when installing gas appliances in homes and buildings using a Flue Gas Analyser (FGA) is essential. They make sure that the appliance is working safely and that the installation is not producing any dangerous levels of harmful gases that may lethally escape into the atmosphere. Continue reading

  • Why Electrical Contractors Buy Thermal Imaging Cameras

    Thermal imaging cameras have been around for a while now. FLIR's new and improved collection of cameras caters for all users and all budgets, so now is a great time to review what's new and think about adding one to your toolbox.
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  • Flukes Autumn-Winter Special Promotions

    Grab a freebie this Autumn-Winter with Fluke's limited time promotions!

    A number of Fluke products have been included in their latest promotional offers, including the popular 1663 and 1664FC Multifunction Installation Tester range. There are also great deals on the Fluke 115 Multimeters and the 1507 Insulation Testers. All offers are only available until 31st December 2017, so don’t miss out!
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