A subsidiary of Fluke, Comark Instruments have over 50 years of experience of developing high precision thermometers, data logging thermometers and wireless temperature monitoring solutions for the food industry, industrial applications and many other sectors.

Comark's range of high-quality food thermometers are precision-made for use within the food industry, giving professional caterers, chefs and anyone else involved with food the tools they need to measure core food temperatures, to eliminate the growth of bacteria in the workplace and to ensure full compliance with HACCP regulations.

At Tester, we stock a wide range of Comark food thermometers and other essential kitchen products such as timers. You'll find meat thermometers, fridge and freezer thermometers, big digit cooking timers, cooking/cooling alarms, dishwasher thermometers and thermometers made for directly inserting into food.

For those who need a solution for monitoring temperature over a period of time, take a look at Comark's range of data logging thermometers and wireless temperature monitoring equipment. You can place these almost anywhere as a standalone solution for measuring temperature, or for transmitting temperature data over a wireless network.

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