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Brands is a distributor for a large variety of the world's most popular test equipment manufacturers, giving you access to a huge library of test equipment to cater for a wide range of different applications.

Whether you're searching for a budget digital multimeter, a high performance thermal camera or specific equipment made for high voltage applications, Tester's extensive range from a wide variety of manufacturers ensures we have the equipment you need. With thousands of products to choose from, great prices and a constantly-updated library of test equipment, you'll find everything you need here on

We currently stock test equipment/other items from the following suppliers:

Accles and Shelvoke - including equipment needed for spiking high voltage cables

Amprobe - this manufacturer makes absolutely everything from digital multimeters to thermometers and underground cable locators

Anton - one of the UK's leading suppliers of gas/HVAC equipment, widely known for their popular Anton Sprint eVo flue gas analyser range

Applent - specialist equipment including temperature calibrators, bench multimeters, resistance meters and more

CATU - high voltage specialists offering everything from high voltage personal protection like gloves and boots to voltage testers and rescue poles

Chauvin Arnoux - offering a wide library consiting of everything from current clamps to thermal imaging cameras

C.K Tools - get the tools you need, made to the highest quality. Wide range including allen keys, chisels, insulated tools, lights, torches and more

Clulite - makers of high quality torch lights, including handheld torches and high-brightness lights ideal for on-site use

Comark - a subsidary of Fluke specialising in thermometers and similar equipment primarily for the food industry

CorDEX - intrinsically safe equipment made for use in hazardous zones, including cameras, torches, lights and ultrasonic thickness gauges

Crowcon - protection for professionals in confined spaces and around hazardous gases with personal and portable gas detectors available

DiLog - range of equipment including multifunction testers, voltage testers and digital multimeters

DJI - specialist manufacturer of high quality drones. Our range are combined with FLIR thermal cameras

ETI - affordable range of great quality digital thermometers and similar equipment for use in a wide variety of applications

Extech - a subsidary of FLIR, Extech develop everything from datalogging digital thermometers to pH meters and electrical testers

Extronics - work safely in a hazardous zone with our Extronic intrinsically safe cameras

FilesThruTheAir - measure temperature and log all of the critical data you need with FTTA's range of thermometers

First Stop Safety - makers of the BattPAT and MemoryPAT PAT testing range

FLIR - we are a FLIR Platinum Partner in recognition of our wide range of FLIR thermal cameras and systems for everything from hunting to building studies

Fluke - one of the most popular manufacturers widely renowned for their range of useful multifunction testers, multimeters and other test equipment

GE Druck - measure pressure, temperature and more with our specialist equipment from GE Druck, one of the world's leading pressure suppliers

ITL - British-made, high quality insulated tools suitable for live work by electricians

Kane - everything you'll need for testing both domestic and commercial boilers with flue gas analysers, thermometers and more available

Kern - a German manufacturer renowned for their precision scales and balances, as well as a range of microscopes

Kewtech - whether you're PAT testing, measuring electrical current or simply need a logbook for your testing results, Kewtech has it all

KIMO Instruments - KIMO's range includes anemometers, carbon monoxide detectors, light meters, tachometers and more

Leica - measure distance with a high degree of accuracy using Leica's high precision distance meters

Lockout-Lock - everything you need for lockout/tagout including hasps, padlocks, specific lockouts and many other items

LOREX - keep an eye on your property with our range of HD-quality CCTV equipment from LOREX, a subsidary of FLIR

Martindale Electric - as the name suggests, Martindale makes a wide range of electrical equipment including multimeters and PAT testers

Master Lock - keep everything secure with Master Lock heavy-duty padlocks and accessories

Megger - so well known, they even have a tester named after them! We stock 'Megger' insulation testers as well as a wide range of other Megger equipment

Metrel - a multi-focused supplier who develop everything from sound meters to a range of PAT testers

Palintest - use this equipment to test soil samples to improve crop yield, check pH and more

Peak Electronics - test semiconductors, components, networks and more with Peak's small-size, powerful instruments

Protimeter - range of precision moisture meters to help you isolate levels of moisture inside a material

Pulsar - nightvision and thermal imaging cameras and scopes made for use in security and hunting

Radiodetection (SPX) - detect underground utilities with our range of CAT and Genny units

Rigel Medical - PAT test essential medical equipment to make sure it's working with specifications

Sauter - a subsidary of Kern, known for their highly popular range of thickness gauges

Seaward - range of popular PAT testers and specific equipment from the Clare range optimised for production line safety testing

Seek Thermal - seek out the heat with Seek Thermal's range of thermal cameras for your smartphone or as handheld, standalone units

Siglent - specialising in oscilloscopes and generators, this range includes everything you need for measuring waveforms

Sika - temperature calibration and pressure specialists with products including temperature calibrators and pressure gauges

Silvertronic - high quality test leads suitable for use many different electrical testers

SimplyPats - specialist PAT testing software universally compatible with most downloadable PAT testers available on the market

SuperRod - cable routing is made easy with SuperRod's range of extendable, telescopic rods compatible with various attachments

T & R - specialist high voltage equipment including current injectors, low resistance ohmmeters, relay test sets and transformer oil testers

TestSafe - low cost, high quality testers that simply get the job done

Testo - whether you need a flue gas analyser, thermometer, pH meter or anything else, Testo has you covered

Time Electronics - everything from calibration checkboxes to thermocouple calibrators are available in the Time range

TPI - quality without the cost, TPI deliver great products for an affordable price. Range includes everything from gas testers to thermometer, tachometers and multimeters

UNI-T - home of the best-selling UNI-T UT527 and UT528 PAT testing range, as well as many other testers ranging from multimeters to clamp meters and oscilloscopes

VONAQ - test networks with VONAQ's range of LAN testers, TDR fault locators and more