Enhance your capabilities with our extensive range of equipment from FLIR Systems!

FLIR thermal cameras are widely renowned as among the very best in the world; FLIR is constantly innovating with new technology that enhances the capabilities of thermal imaging, while opening up the market to more people every year by developing affordable solutions for those looking for an entry into thermography

At, we offer a wide range of FLIR thermal cameras. We are recognised as FLIR's only platinum partner in the UK, awarded to us for our extensive offering of FLIR units and our commitment to giving our customers the best thermal imaging equipment possible.

FLIR thermal cameras are used across the globe in a wide variety of applications, including:

Automation and Process Monitoring - FLIR cameras are ideal for integrating into process lines and facilities to constantly monitor the temperature output of critical machinery and equipment, instantly flagging up potentially dangerous and costly issues

Building Diagnostics - building thermal cameras are one of the best tools surveyors can buy; these intuitive cameras can help you to visualise how heat affects a property, flagging up issues such as moisture damage, poor insulation and structural defects

Electrical and Mechnical Inspection - use thermal imaging to scan electrical panels, components and more to isolate overheating components and make more efficient electrical systems

Firefighting - stay safe in dangerous areas by using FLIR thermal cameras to see through smoke, to predict the path a fire may take and even to spot the body heat of trapped people

Optical Gas Detection - highly specialist gas detection cameras are so precise they can visualise the heat of leaking gas and alert you instantly if a deadly leak is detected

Hunting and Outdoor Use - detect the body heat of animals over a wide distance, seeing through complete darkness, the weather and even sparse foliage

Law Enforcement and Security - FLIR thermal cameras are excellent for detecting the body heat of a criminal over a distance - heat can't hide and neither can a criminal with the power of FLIR's thermal technology

Science/Research and Development - high sensitivity thermal cameras are excellent for any thermal study, whether it's in the classroom or in a laboratory environment

Thermal Drones - see the world in thermal from the skies with our range of precision thermal drones, made as a joint venture between FLIR and world-renowned drone manufacturer DJI

In addition to thermal cameras for all of these applications we also stock a wide range of additional thermal camera accessories such as optional swappable thermal lenses, carrying cases, cables and infrared (IR) windows which allows you to use a thermal camera to look inside an electrical panel without the need to open it up.

In recent years, FLIR has also expanded their range to include test equipment - you'll now find a range of uniquely-designed testers on the site including multimeters, thermometers, moisture meters and more.

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