In business for over 170 years, KERN are one of the world's best manufacturers of precision balances, scales, weights and microscopes for use in countless applications.

Based in the Baden-Wuerttemberg federal state in Germany, KERN has a state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse facility where their high accuracy products are made to the highest quality standards and shipped out as fast as possible. For most KERN products, they're ready within 3-5 working days, ready to ship out to UK customers who purchase them from

KERN scales are known for their high accuracy and versatility - they make a huge range of different products for different uses, ranging from high precision laboratory analytical balances to heavy-duty platform/floor scales which can be used to weigh goods or even vehicles. They also manufacturer simple pocket-sized balances (for example for measuring jewelery), hanging/crane scales and even goods for calculating prices and to improve stocktaking capabilities.

More recently, KERN has diversified into offering high precision microscopes alongside their scales and balances. We now stock several different KERN microscopes, including stereomicroscopes, mettalurgical microscopes and compound microscopes. You'll also find several other KERN products in our store, including refractometers, high precision moisture analysers, force gauges and dynamometers for measuring hand strength.

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