Since 1985 Micronics has been designing and supplying ‘clamp-on’ ultrasonic liquid flow meters for use in industry and commerce. Micronics specialises in portable ‘Time of Flight’ or Portaflow™ meters.

This world-leading and innovative manufacturer has developed a catalogue of products incorporating ‘Time of Flight’ or ‘Doppler’ technology. This range features portable instruments and fixed meters that make use of non-invasive ultrasound transmission to detect liquid flow velocity within closed pipes or open channels. Micronics’ extensive selection of instruments includes:

  • Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters
  • Portable and fixed liquid flow measurement meters
  • Energy meters for heating and cooling applications
  • MID-approved ultrasonic energy and water meters with radio-based automatic reading systems
  • Clamp-on ‘Doppler’ instruments
  • Full-pipe ‘Doppler’ instruments
  • Open-channel ‘Doppler’ instruments

Micronics’ ultrasonic flow meters are used by energy management and building services around the world to reduce energy consumption and monitor water use. Since its inception, Micronics has supplied flow meters to more than fifty countries around the globe.

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A-Z Micronics Products

  1. Flow Meters

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