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MSA's company aim is to develop and distribute high quality equipment that is designed to enhance safety in the workplace. In fact, 'The Safety Company' is their official tagline, and MSA has been developing high quality safety solutions since the early 1900's.

The company was first founded after a catastrophic mine accident in 1912, where 80 people lost their lives. The founders of MSA then decided that they wanted to prevent accidents such as this from ever happening again and began inventing solutions to promote this aim.

In modern society MSA continues to operate just like this. The company creates such devices as portable methane detectors, ballistic helmets and products for use in gas and glame detection.

The company has also recently focused on the development of thermal imaging cameras for use in the firefighting sector, giving firemen the tools they need to effectively see through smoke, detect fire distribution and enhance safety in incredibly hostile environments.

At we currently stock a wide range of MSA's Evolution thermal cameras which are designed for all firefighters.