Norbar is a global, family-run company with origins stretching back to 1943. Wartime demanded a torque wrench that could be used to tighten the gasket-less cylinder heads of Rolls Royce Merlin engines; after obtaining a licence from Britain’s wartime government Norbar, or North Bar Tool Company as it had been known until then, was able to develop a tool to meet these requirements and became the first company in Britain to manufacture torque wrenches commercially. Since then Norbar has led the market in torque tightening and torque measurement.

With an extensive array or torque wrenches, electronic torque wrenches, torque-tool calibrators and torque-tool testers, including screwdriver testers, as well as tailored, specialist torque data system and torque data management software programs, Norbar is able to meet the demands of a variety of industry sectors, including; Manufacturing, Engineering, Aerospace, Energy, Oil, Gas, Mining, Sub-sea.

Norbar’s tools are all manufactured to the highest possible standards. The company has factories all over the world. Each factory is furnished with the same equipment and follows the same procedures in order to ensure equivalence with Norbar’s UKAS accredited UK factory; thereby guaranteeing consistency and high-quality across all of Norbar’s ranges regardless of location.

Norbar is committed to providing the very latest in design, manufacturing and quality control, allowing it to provide customers with the most innovative and precise tools and equipment possible. Investment in a Norbar product ensures that you are equipped with a reliable, accurate and effective instrument.

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