Robin Amprobe

Robin testing equipment was recently picked up by leading manufacturer Amprobe and the two companies have now merged together to make one giant testing machine. That may sound a bit scary, but rest assured that the quality of the testers supplied by both has been enhanced by the merger. That's right, Robin products are now better than ever before with loads of new features.

The Robin/Amprobe merger specializes in single, multi-function and dual-function testing equipment with a library of products in the hundreds. Each product is designed to be as cost-effective, innovative and as effective as possible.

We're proud to stock Robin Amprobe products and offer you them for some of the lowest prices on the market. All of our products also come with their own seven-day money back guarantee so if you're unsatisfied with anything you've bought you can simply ship it straight back to us and receive a full refund. 

We also offer delivery services both overseas and next-day delivery within the UK should you be in a rush and we also have our own dedicated support/sales line where any of your queries can be answered. Give them a call on 0845 365 3938 or alternatively send us your question in via email.

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