Founded in 1997, Wavecontrol is an engineering company specialising in the measurement of electromagnetic fields with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and Rutherford (NJ), USA. In addition to providing components, instruments and systems for regulated electric testing in Spain and Portugal, Wavecontrol design and develop professional instruments for measuring, monitoring and evaluating human exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Wavecontrol has developed a range of continuous EMF and RF monitors, indoor monitors and field strength meters, as well as personal EMF/ RF monitors equipped with functions designed to ensure accurate and reliable electromagnetic field exposure measurements.

All Wavecontrol products are delivered with an ISO 17025 accredited calibration. Wavecontrol’s calibration laboratory is ENAC accredited and is recognised in a majority of countries through the ILAC network.

Wavecontrol’s R&D department continues to develop innovative and specialised solutions for its customers across the globe. It serves industries such as railway, aeronautical, industrial, electromedicine, telecommunications, research and development, military, and energy. Please browse our range of Wavecontrol products.

A-Z Wavecontrol Products

  1. EMF Meters

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