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CATU CM-4410 Terminal Element Pole - 1.115m (Choice of Fitting)

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*Note - this terminal pole is designed to be part of a system and integrates into CATU's primary or intermediate poles to create a long-length customisable insulated pole for use with HV systems. Please see the links to the left to see which poles are recommended for use with this item.

Fully compliant with IEC-61235, this fully insulated pole measures 1.115m and is available with a selection of different end fittings for the direct attachment of various HV accessories such as cutters, electrodes, voltage detectors and many others.

CATU's range of customisable poles give users the facility to configure their own pole length, ensuring that a safe insulating system can be created to reach any application.

This insulated pole is available with your choice of B, C, D, E, H, K or T type connectors. Different accessories and poles have different connector types, so please choose the right one for your application when making an order.

Part CodeCM-4410-B

Connection Type Guide

C K E S A / B
C Type Fitting K Type Fitting E Type Fitting S Type Fitting A / B Type Fitting
Hexagonal Universal Bayonet



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