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CATU CM-4425 Terminal Element Pole - 2.615m (Choice of Fitting)

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Combine this terminating pole with a CATU primary or primary/insulated pole combination to create a complete system for reaching up to hard-to-reach electrical applications.

Fully insulated and compliant with IEC-61235 standards, this yellow composite fiber glass and epoxy resin pole is fully insulated against electricity and measures 2.615m.

The pole has two connectors - the one on the bottom is made for insertion into a CATU intermediate or primary pole to make a longer pole, while the other has your choice of B, C, E, H, K, T or D type connectors for the connection of accessories with the same connector types.

CATU Pole Guide

This range of insulated poles are designed to give you the ability to create your own system. Each element - primary, intermediate and terminating - are sold separately. It is possible to use primary/terminating pole or primary/intermediate/terminal pole combinations.

  • Purchase a primary pole (includes hand guard for user protection)
  • Purchase an intermediate or termination pole. Intermediate poles extend the system but don't complete it, while terminating poles finish the system
  • Equip your termination pole and any compatible accessories with your choice of connector

Recommeded primary/intermediate poles for use with the system are listed to the left in the 'You Might Also Be Interested In' box.

Part CodeCM-4425-B

Connection Type Guide

C K E S A / B
C Type Fitting K Type Fitting E Type Fitting S Type Fitting A / B Type Fitting
Hexagonal Universal Bayonet



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