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CATU Primary Insulating Pole - Earthing / Shorting Systems (4 Lengths)

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Basic insulating poles are the beginning section of a full-size pole. They can be combined with intermediate and terminal element sections (available separately) to create a pole specific to your needs at a wide variety of different heights.

All basic poles come as standard with a hand guard for protection of the user and are constructed from stick fiber glass and epoxy resin to fully insulate the pole. When combined with terminal or intermediate poles the basic pole clips easily into the others to provide a longer pole when needed.

Please note that the basic pole does not contain a connector for attaching additional devices such as electrodes, voltage detectors etc. This requires the use of a terminal pole which comes with a connector for the attachment of these devices.

So remember these points:

  • Firstly, purchase a basic pole with hand guard
  • Purchase a terminal and optionally purchase an intermediate pole to construct a longer insulated device
  • Configure the terminal pole with a connector and purchase optional accessories to connect to the terminal pole

You can view recommended terminal and intermediate poles for use with this device in the links to the left (in the recommended items section).

Our range of basic insulating poles is available in the following variations:

Code  Smallest End Fitting (m)   Biggest End Fitting (m)   Isolation (m)   Weight (g)  
CM-4410 1.13m - 0.7m 1250g
CM-4415 1.63m - 1m 1700g
CM-4420 2.13m - 1.2m 2700g
CM-4425 2.63m - 1.5m 3200g
Part CodeCM-4410

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