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CATU Telescopic Pole for Voltage Detector - 2 Elements, 90kV

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Available in two different models, these IEC 61235 compliant insulated poles are made for use with voltage detectors and earthing systems that will be used on high voltage installations.

Each pole is telescopic, which means it can be folded and extended as is needed. Both poles have a folded length of 1.15m and when fully extended measure 2m.

The pole’s construction is made from polyester and glass fiber and is designed to be fully insulated against electricity. The height of the pole can also be locked in place at a desired height via the use of a dedicated lock button.

Poles are available with either C or K type mounting and come with a wall mounted support.

Why not also purchase a CM-7-10-A pole which extends the height of this telescopic pole by 1m?

Pole Information

The following table outlines all the information you need to know about this telescopic pole.

Code  Voltage Range   Diameter (mm)   Folded Length (m)   Total Length (m)   Weight (g) 
CE-4-21-(*) 90kV 41/32mm 1.15m 2m 1500g

*refers to 'C' or 'K' (type of end fitting)

Part CodeCE-4-21-C

Connection Type Guide

C K E S A / B
C Type Fitting K Type Fitting E Type Fitting S Type Fitting A / B Type Fitting
Hexagonal Universal Bayonet



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