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Chauvin Arnoux CA5003 Multimeter With Plastic Carry Case

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The Chauvin Arnoux CA5003 Multimeter with Plastic Carry Case can work with DC voltage that is between 100mV and 1000V (8 cal.) and also AC voltage that is between 10V and 1000V (5 cal.). Both of these voltages have their own intensity ratings. The DC voltages has an intensity of 50µA to 15A (7 cal.), while the AC voltage will have an intensity of 1.5mA to 15A (5 cal.).

The volt test LED will also be lit up when the Ω meter mode detects that a level of voltage is present. This multimeter also comes with an impedance of 20k Ω/V and it has an excellent typical accuracy of 1.5%. 

Just like a lot of Chauvin Arnoux devices, the CA5003 has an automatic calibration function that can be activated at the touch of a button, as well as a volt test LED light turning on as soon as the lowest level of voltage is detected to be present by the Ω meter mode.

With this multimeter you will also be able to work with levels of resistance when they measure to 10kΩ and 1MΩ, and you can conduct a continuity test remains audible when R is less than 50Ω. With the AC voltage, a dB scale can also be performed, and the fuse LED light is included.

The Chauvin Arnoux CA5003 Multimeter with Plastic Carry Case has a weight of roughly 500g, so it can easily be carried around between jobs with the inclusion of the handy carrying case. It also has dimensions of 160 x 105 x 56 millimetres, and an IP53 and IEC 1010-1 600V CAT III safety rating.

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