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Electrical & Electronic

  • The latest electrical testers and meters from the world's leading manufacturers such as Megger and Fluke. From power quality analysers to socket testers and test equipment kits, this category has everything an electrician needs.
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  • Includes AC/DC power supplies and decade boxes from manufacturers including Metrohm, Extech, Martindale and Time Electronics.
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  • Use our range of cable location and fuse finding equipment to accurately trace cabling or various lengths or to track down problematic blown fuses that may be causing problems on the efficiency of complex circuitry systems.
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  • Clamp meters for testing AC/DC current, testing earth and expanding the capabilities of your existing digital multimeter using clamp adaptors. Huge range available to cater for any current measurement application.
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  • The electrician's best friend - with hundreds of multimeters available, you're sure to find the right one for you in our store! We stock digital, analogue and bench-based high accuracy multimeters as well as a selection of handy accessories.
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  • Track and generate waveforms of any type with our range of oscilloscopes and function generators! Ideal for laboratories and for use on the move, we stock both handheld and bench oscilloscopes from Siglent, Applent and more.
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  • Everything you'll need for PAT testing in one place! Professional and entry-level PAT testers from all the leading manufacturers, labels, software, adaptors and exclusive bundle packs with all of the PAT equipment you'll need on a daily basis.
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  • Test leads suitable for every tester available. Includes Megger leads, Fluke leads, Metrel test leads, Kewtech leads, multimeter leads, crocodile clips and test probes, earth test leads, test leads and R2 wander leads.
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Whether you're verifying the power demands of complex, three-phase industrial electrical equipment using a power analyser or simply testing a plug socket in a house for correct wiring, our huge range of electrical test equipment has everything you need.

At PASS we work closely with all of the world's leading electrical tester manufacturers to give you the best equipment for the best deals you'll find on the web. Our range of electrical meters and accessories comes from world-renowned names such as Fluke, Megger, Seaward, Kewtech, Hioki, Siglent and many others with the latest products added as soon as they're available.

Thousands of professionals around the world have trusted us for their test equipment needs and we always strive to give the service that has our customers coming back again and again. Our prices are highly competitive, our range of equipment is unbeatable, we offer several delivery options and all of our electrical equipment is supplied as standard with at least a full year's warranty to give you peace of mind.

To aid you with finding the right equipment we've also broken down our electrical section into sections.

Electrical Test Equipment

The home of everything a domestic electrician, electrical installer, product designer or other electrical professional needs. Here's what you can expect from this category:

  • 17th Edition Books -  a wide range of publications including the IET Code of Practice, Wiring Regulations and others such as On-Site Guidance
  • 17th Edition Certificates - used with electrical installations and PAT testing, these certificates allow you to complete important testing data in line with regs
  • 17th Edition Software - these software packages are made for use with various types of electrical tester
  • Calibration Checkboxes - verify the correct operation of several different types of meter in the time between official calibration procedures
  • Component Analysers - test electrical components to ensure they're functioning correctly and are ready for use
  • Earth Loop Testers - verify that earth loops in electrical systems are working correctly
  • Earth Testers - verify that grounding is correctly implemented and safety is maintained
  • EMF Meters - these testers detect electromagentic fields output by a wide variety of electrical equipment types
  • Insulation and Continuity Testers - with these testers you can see how effective the insulation of an electrical system is
  • LCR Meters - test inductance, capacitance and resistance using one comprehensive meter
  • Multifunction Testers - also known as installations testers, these tools test practically every aspect of an electrical installation
  • Power Quality Analysers - gain a detailed snapshot of how a system loses power and energy and take remedial action
  • Proving Units - for use with voltage testers, these instruments verify that they're working correctly
  • Socket Testers/Adaptors - everything you'll need for verifying the wiring inside a socket has problems or is working correctly
  • Test Equipment Kits - with both manufacturer and exclusive bundle packs available, you're sure to find a great deal!
  • Voltage Testers - Evaluate voltage levels and detect the presence of voltage using voltage detectors

Cable Locators and Fuse Finders

As cables and fuses are often hidden inside complex systems, behind walls or underground, these testers and tools aid with finding where cables/fuses are located.

Under this category you'll find:

  • Cable Locators - these instruments include both receivers and transmitters for inputting a signal into a cable to locate where it is
  • Fuse Finders - precisely locate which fuse is tied to specific elements of an installation
  • Cable Locator Accessories - handy items for use in addition with other testers

Clamp Meters

With over 200 clamp meters and adaptors available, we cater for absolutely every current measurement application you can think of!

Categories include:

  • AC and DC Clamp Meters - available in a selection of sizes and with different capabilities
  • Clamp Adaptors - expand the abilities of other types of test equipment by plugging these in
  • Earth Clamp Meters - specifically-designed clamp meters for measuring earth parameters
  • Clamp Meter Accessories - these additional items are designed to further enhance clamp meter's operation


An essential part of any electrician's equipment, the multimeter is the best tool for quick and easy measurements of basic electrical parameters.

We stock well over 200 digital multimeters and accessories from all of the leading manufacturers.

To help you choose the perfect type of multimeter we break them down into the following categories:

  • Analogue Multimeters - traditional-style needle scale multimeters perfect for those who don't like digital meters
  • Bench Multimeters - laboratory-grade high accuracy professional multimeters for demanding environments
  • Digital Multimeters - handheld, portable and available in a range of sizes, shapes and capabilities
  • Multimeter Accessories - carrying cases, probes and more for use with multimeters


Track and generate signals with our huge range of high accuracy oscilloscopes from Chauvin Arnoux, Hioki, Siglent and UNI-T.

Categories include:

  • Bench Oscilloscopes - for use in the lab, these tools are essential for all waveform tracking applications
  • Function Generators - the opposite of an oscilloscope, these tools generate signal patterns
  • Handheld Digital Oscilloscopes - all of the functionality of an oscilloscope, but you can take it with you!
  • PC/USB Oscilloscopes - designed to interface with a PC where you'll view back data
  • Oscilloscope Accessories - expand the capabilities of oscilloscopes with these accessories

PAT Testing Equipment

With completely exclusive kits, all of the leading PAT testing models and much more, our PAT testing equipment category has absolutely everything you'll need for verifying the safety of electrical appliances.

  • Machinery Testers - test machines to ensure they're working correctly
  • PAT Labels - huge range of labels including passed, failed, microwave leakage and labels with barcodes
  • PAT Testers - for all abilities and budgets. We stock a huge range of entry-level and professional grade PAT testing instruments
  • PAT Testing Kits - unique to PASS, our exclusive kits come with a tester of your choice plus a huge range of additional accessories for one low price
  • PAT Testing Leads and Adapters - expand the capabilities of your PAT tester to test leads, fixed equipment and more with these leads
  • PAT Testing Software - made for use with downloadable PAT testers. Allows you to interact further with testing data on a PC
  • PAT Testing Accessories - everything else you'll need for PAT testing
  • 3 for 2 Offers - certain equipment comes with this exclusive offer. Just buy three items and we'll give you the cheapest for nothing!

Test Leads

Essential for most electrical testers, test leads are usually included as standard. Our section has you covered in case you need additional leads or a replacement for ones that have been damaged.

Categories include:

  • Crocodile Clips and Test Probes - fit directly on the end of most test leads to allow connection to whatever you're testing
  • Earth Test Leads - made specifically for earthing applications
  • Fluke Leads - all of Fluke's leads in one place
  • Kewtech Leads - all of Kewtech's leads for use with a wide variety of testers
  • Megger Leads - get all of the Megger leads you'll need
  • Metrel Test Leads - leads for universal use and specifically designed for Metrel testers
  • Multimeter Leads - these leads all work with most types of digital multimeter
  • R2 Wander Leads - long-length extension test leads
  • Test Lead Sets - bundle packs with leads and additional accessories