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Chauvin Arnoux GX310 DDS Generator

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Chauvin Arnoux's GX310 is a high performance frequency generator suited for use in technical training and education, electronic product design and other applications that require accurate sine, waveforms and TTL output.

The GX310 uses Chauvin Arnoux's Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technoloy to ensure that everything generated is of much high accuracy - and with greater frequency stability - than traditional generators. The generator can be easily configured to generate a wide variety of precise, varied signals including waveforms, sine, triangle, square and LOGIC and TTL.

It is also possible to use this unit to measure frequency with a high degree of accuracy from 5Hz to 100MHz.

Chauvin Arnoux GX310 DDS Generator Key Features

  • 5-digit frequency display
  • Easy waveform selection with storage and loading of configurations
  • Frequency adjustments to the nearest digit
  • BNC inputs and outputs
  • External frequency meter - test from 5Hz to 100MHz
  • High accuracy and stability
  • Spectral purity
  • Low phase noise
  • Automatic range changes optimised for the level and offset amplitude
  • Adjustable duty cycle without variation or division of frequency
  • LOGIC function - quick and simple generation of logical signals with directly adjustable thresholds
  • Slaving and display of frequency
  • Control and display of AMPLITUDE with a choice of VPP (peak/peak) or VRMS (root mean square) and the VDC OFFSET
  • Control and display duty cycle

What's Included?

  • Chauvin Arnoux GX310 DDS Generator
  • Mains Power Lead
  • CD-ROM w/ Operating Manual
  • Programming Manual
Part CodeGX310

Chauvin Arnoux GX310 Technical Specifications

Display LCD (125 x 45mm) with adjustable brightness
Display of frequency on 5 digits (20mm high)
Commands On Front Panel 19-direct access commands (9 backlit and adjustable)
1 main out on/off key
1 digital encoder wheel
Adjustment of Signal Parameters Continuous by the encoder, automatic frequency and level ranges, selection of increment digits (F,P,N..)
BNC Output Terminals On Front Panel TTL and sweep out outputs
BNC Input Terminals On Front Panel VCF in input
Continuous Signal Generation
Frequency 0.001Hz to 10.000MHz (10 ranges)
Resolution/Accuracy 5 digit display - resolution from 1mHz to 1kHz according to frequency range
±20 ppm for F>10kHz, ±30 ppm for F<10KHz
Amplitude 1mV to 20.0Vpp with open circuit in 3 automatic ranges - 3 digit Vpp or Vrms display
Flatness <5% for 1mHz<F <10MHz and ±1dB up to 20MHz
Vdc Offset ±10Vdc with open circuit - accuracy ±5% ±5mV
Waveforms Sine/triangle (Max frequency 2MHz) / square and LOGIC / TTL output
Frequency Sweep  
Modes LIN (linear) and LOG (logarithmic)
INT Internal Sweep Sawtooth or triangle mode - unlimited excursion between F start and f stop (256 steps
Sweep time adjustable from 10ms to 100s
EXT External Sweep Sweep by signal <15kHz, amplitude ±10V - VCF In input impedance 10kΩ approx
External Frequency Meter  
Measurement Range 5Hz to 100MHz
Accuracy ±0.05% + 1 digit
Safety/Max Acceptable Voltage 300V CAT I / 300V rms
General Specifications  
Communication Interface USB A/B link (for programmable versions)
Mains Power Supply 230V ±10V (or 115V ±10%)
50 - 60Hz
20VA max
Removable lead
Safety / EMC Safety as per IEC 61010-1 (2001) - EMC as per EN 61326-1 (2004)
Mechanical Specifications 227 x 116 x 180mm
Weight: 2.8kg
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