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Chauvin Arnoux MINI 09 AC Current Clamp Adaptor - 150A

Chauvin Arnoux MINI 09 AC Current Clamp Adaptor - 150A
sku: P01105109Z
MPN: P01105109Z

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  • Transform your digital multimeter into a current measurement tool
  • Measure up to 150A AC
  • Small, compact size for difficult environments

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Chauvin Arnoux MINI 09 AC Current Clamp Adaptor - 150A Details

Note: this product is an optional accessory for use with existing digital multimeters with a millivolt (mV) function. It cannot be used on its own to perform current measurements.

Measure AC current up to 150A with this current clamp adaptor from Chauvin Arnoux.

The MINI 09, part of the Chauvin Arnoux MINI series, is purpose-built for low-power tertiary and industrial applications. The clamp's compact size (suitable for use with cables with maximum diameter of 10mm) makes it perfect for insertion into difficult environments.

Chauvin Arnoux's MINI 09 is equipped with 1.5m double-insulated leads which are terminated by industry standard 4mm male banana jacks (compatible with most digital multimeters).

Technical Specs

Part Code: P01105109Z

Chauvin Arnoux MINI 09 Technical Specifications

Maximum Measurement Range 150A (AC)
Measurement Ranges 1A to 5A 5A to 15A 15A to 40A 40A to 150A
Accuracy of Primary Current (in %) ≤10 % + 0.2A ≤6% + 0.2A
≤3% + 0.2A
Phase Shift Not specified
Output Signal 100mV DC / A AC (15V DC for 150A
Output Double-insulated cable (1.5m length), terminated by 2x insulated elbowed male banana connectors (4mm diameter)
Bandwidth 48 to 500Hz
Clamping Capacity Cables with diameter of max 10mm
Electrical Specs  
Maximum Current <150A permanent from 65 to 500Hz
Influence of Temperature ≤0.2% per 10° K
Influence of Adjacent Conductor ≤2mA/A at 50Hz
Influence of Conductor Position in Jaws ≤0.1% at 50/60Hz
Influence of Frequency ≤3% from 65 to 500Hz
Mechanical Specs  
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C
Storage Temperature -40 to 80°C
Relative Humidity 0 to 85% RH decreasing linearly above 35°C
Operating Altitude 0 to 2000m
Casing Protection Rating IP40 (EN 60529 Ed. 1992)
Drop Test 1.5m (IEC 68-2-32)
Shock Resistance 100g / 6ms / half-period (IEC 68-2-27)
Vibration Resistance 5-15Hz (1.5mm), 15-25Hz (1mm), 25-55Hz (0.25mm) (IEC 68-2-6)
Self-Extinguishing Capability Casing UL94 V2
Dimensions 130 x 37 x 25mm
Weight Approx 180g

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