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Chauvin Arnoux MTX202 Pocket Digital Multimeter

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Designed to be as simple to use as possible, Chauvin Arnoux's pocket-sized MTX202 gives you quick, easy access to basic electrical measurement procedures and is ideal for both experienced and beginner self-employed electricians.

Chauvin Arnoux MTX202 digital multimeters are compact, easy-to-grip and even come with a built-in magnet, allowing the multimeter to be easily fixed to an electrical cabinet or metallic surface for seamless, hands-free use.

Measurement Capabilities

The Chauvin Arnoux MTX202 digital multimeter has the following measurement capabilities:

  • AC and DC Voltage Measurements - from 0.4V to 600V (true RMS on AC to ensure accuracy)
  • AC/DC Current Measurements - from 0.02A to 10A (true RMS on AC to ensure accuracy)
  • Diode Test - to 3V with 0.001V resolution
  • Resistance Measurements - from 1Ω to 40MΩ
  • Continuity Test - with integrated beeper
  • Capacitance Testing - from 1nF to 100mF
  • Temperature Measurements - (using type K thermocouple) from -55 to +1200°C

Before testing, you can also use the MTX202 to verify whether there's voltage present thanks to a built-in non-contact voltage detector. If a 230V voltage is detected, the blue backlight on the screen will turn red to ensure you get the message.

Practical Design

Pocket-sided, portable and easy to use, the Chauvin Arnoux MTX202 digital multimeter is designed with practical use in mind.

  • 19mm Spaced Test Lead Slots - fix your test leads to the pack of the multimeter, ideal for use on European power sockets
  • Built-in Stand - fix the meter in a specific position, making it easy to view when working on a bench in a lab etc
  • Integrated Torch Light - see where you're going even when working in the dark
  • Quick Access to Fuse and Batteries - just two screws for quick, easy access
  • Data Hold Function - press the button to temporarily freeze the current values shown on the screen
  • Selectable Auto/Manual Ranging - press the range button to easily switch between automatic or full manual control over measurement ranges
  • Rotary Dial Test Selection - easy to use with just 1 finger, with 1 position for every measurement type
  • Backlit Monochrome Digital Display with Backlight - glows blue for use in poor lighting conditions. Measures 52 x 37mm
  • Compatible with Chauvin Arnoux MulitFix accesory - allows the meter to be installed in cabinets etc
  • Safety In Mind - the MTX202 is IP54 protected, operates from -20 to +55°C, is double insulated and CAT III 600V rated

What's Included?

  • Chauvin Arnoux MTX202 Multimeter
  • Shockproof Sheath
  • 1.5m Lead with 4mm Diameter Elbowed Plug + Red CAT III 600V Test Probe
  • 1.5m Lead with 4mm Diameter Elbowed Plug + Black CAT III 600V Test Probe
  • Flexible K Thermocouple with 4mm Diameter Adapter
  • Operating Manual
  • 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries

Optional Accessories

  • P01102100Z: MultiFix Mounting Accessory for Digital Multimeters
  • P01102097: SHT40KV HV Probe
  • P01102107Z: Adapter + TK Temperature Sensor
  • HX0064: CMS Clamp
  • P01297096: F1000V 10A Fuse, 10 x 38mm (x5)
  • P01297098: F1000V 0.63A Fuse, 6.3 x 32mm (x5)
  • HX0052B: MTX Digital Multimeter Transport Kit
Part CodeMTX202-Z

Chauvin Arnoux MTX202 Technical Specifications

AC Voltage
Range 0.4 to 600V
Basic Accuracy 0.2% + 2D
Resolution 0.001V
DC Voltage
Range 0.4 to 600V
Basic Accuracy 0.2% + 2D
Resolution 0.001V
AC/DC Current
Range 0.02A to 10A
Basic Accuracy 1% + 5D
Resolution 0.001A
True RMS AC Bandwidth 1kHz for voltage and current
Range -55 to +1200°C
Accuracy 2%
Resolution 0.1°C
Range 1Ω to 40MΩ
Accuracy 0.5% + 5D
Resolution 0.1Ω
Range 600Ω - beep <50Ω
Range 1nF to 100mF
Accuracy 2% + 5D
Resolution 0.001nF
Additional Specs
Protection IP54
Safety IEC 61010-2-033 600V CAT III
Power Supply 2 x 1.5V AA batteries / LR6 / NEDA15A
Dimensions 170 x 80 x 50mm
Weight 320g
Warranty 2 years
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