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Chauvin Arnoux MTX203 Pocket Digital Multimeter

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Highly precise, easy-to-use digital multimeter ideal for all standard measurements of electrical parameters.

The Chauvin Arnoux MTX203 is the upgraded version of the MTX202 with expanded, 6000 count display and expanded measurement ranges on most measurement functions compared to the MTX202.

We'd highly recommend this digital multimeter for use in any basic electrical application, particularly for use by self-employed electricians.

Measurement Capabilities

The Chauvin Arnoux MTX203 digital multimeter has the following measurement capabilities:

  • AC and DC Voltage Measurements - from 0.6V to 750V (upgraded from MTX202)
  • AC/DC Current Measurements - three ranges: 10μA to 6000μA, 6mA to 600mA and 0.002A to 10A (true RMS on AC to ensure accuracy) (upgraded from MTX202)
  • Diode Test - to 3V with 0.001V resolution
  • Resistance Measurements - from 1Ω to 60MΩ (upgraded from MTX202)
  • Continuity Test - with integrated beeper
  • Capacitance Testing - from 1nF to 100mF
  • Temperature Measurements - (using type K thermocouple) from -55 to +1200°C

Portable, Pocket-Sized Design with Range of Useful Features

Chauvin Arnoux's MTX series multimeters are designed with practical use in mind. The MTX203 combines together pocket-sized design with easy-to-use buttons and rotary dial for quick, seamless access to testing procedures.

This multimeter also includes a built-in magnet, allowing it to be easily mounted to a surface such as an electrical cabinet for hands-free use.

The MTX203 has a number of benefits, including:

  • 19mm Spaced Test Lead Slots - fixed 19mm gap on the back of the meter allows you to easily use your leads on European power sockets
  • Built-in Stand - adjustable to different positions, you can easily angle the MTX203 to the best view regardless of where you're working
  • Integrated Torch Light - integrated into the top of the meter and ideal for use in darkened electrical cabinets
  • Quick Access to Fuse and Batteries - just two screws for quick, easy access
  • Data Hold Function - need to jot down a reading? Hit the data hold button and it'll freeze your current measurement results on the screen
  • Selectable Auto/Manual Ranging - press the range button to easily switch between automatic or full manual control over measurement ranges
  • Rotary Dial Test Selection - easy to use with just 1 finger, with 1 position for every measurement type
  • Backlit Monochrome Digital Display with Backlight - glows blue for use in poor lighting conditions. Measures 52 x 37mm
  • Compatible with Chauvin Arnoux MulitFix accesory - allows the meter to be installed in cabinets etc
  • Safety In Mind - the MTX202 is IP54 protected, operates from -20 to +55°C, is double insulated and CAT III 600V rated
  • Built-in Non-Contact Voltage Detector -  screen glows red when live voltage is detected

What's Included?

  • Chauvin Arnoux MTX203 Multimeter
  • Shockproof Sheath
  • 1.5m Lead with 4mm Diameter Elbowed Plug + Red CAT III 600V Test Probe
  • 1.5m Lead with 4mm Diameter Elbowed Plug + Black CAT III 600V Test Probe
  • Flexible K Thermocouple with 4mm Diameter Adapter
  • Operating Manual
  • 2 x 1.5V AA Batteries

Optional Accessories

  • P01102100Z: MultiFix Mounting Accessory for Digital Multimeters
  • P01102097: SHT40KV HV Probe
  • P01102107Z: Adapter + TK Temperature Sensor
  • HX0064: CMS Clamp
  • P01297096: F1000V 10A Fuse, 10 x 38mm (x5)
  • P01297098: F1000V 0.63A Fuse, 6.3 x 32mm (x5)
  • HX0052B: MTX Digital Multimeter Transport Kit
Part CodeMTX203-Z

Chauvin Arnoux MTX203 Technical Specifications

AC Voltage
Range 0.6V to 750V
Basic Accuracy 0.2% + 2D
Resolution 0.001V
DC Voltage
Range 0.6 to 1000V
Basic Accuracy 0.2% + 2D
Resolution 0.001V
AC/DC Current
Range 10μA to 6000μA
6mA to 600mA
0.02A to 10A
Basic Accuracy 1% + 5D
Resolution 0.001A
True RMS AC Bandwidth 1kHz for voltage and current
Range -55 to +1200°C
Accuracy 2%
Resolution 0.1°C
Range 1Ω to 60MΩ
Accuracy 0.5% + 5D
Resolution 0.1Ω
Range 600Ω - beep <50Ω
Range 1nF to 100mF
Accuracy 2% + 5D
Resolution 0.001nF
Additional Specs
Protection IP54
Safety IEC 61010-2-033 600V CAT III
Power Supply 2 x 1.5V AA batteries / LR6 / NEDA15A
Dimensions 170 x 80 x 50mm
Weight 320g
Warranty 2 years
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