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Chauvin Arnoux MTX3290 Metrix Digital Multimeter

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Extremely easy to use and highly accurate, the Chauvin Arnoux MTX3290 is a digital multimeter suitable for all basic electrical measurements.

The meter includes a number of different testing functions and can measure DC/AC voltage from 60mV to 1000V, AC/DC current from 600μA to 10A, frequency from 60Hz to 600kHz, resistance from 600Ω to 60MΩ and capacitance from 6nF to 60mF. Temperature, continuity and diode can also be tested.

Designed to make measurements simple, the MTX3290 works on a 1 key, 1 function principle. Simply connect up using the leads/probes, press the testing button and the multimeter will do the rest. Either standard measurements or MIN/MAX/AVG values taken over a time period can be displayed on the screen.

This DMM is IP67 rated (protected against dust and water damage), making it suitable for demanding indoor or outdoor conditions.

Chauvin Arnoux MTX3290 Metrix Digital Multimeter Key Features

  • Tests AC/DC voltage from 60mV to 1000V
  • AC/DC current testing from 600μA to 10A
  • Frequency measurements from 60Hz to 600kHz
  • Resistance testing from 600Ω to 60MΩ
  • Capacitance testing from 6nF to 60mF
  • Temperature measurements
  • Continuity and diode functions
  • Large-size 70 x 52mm 6000 count LCD display
  • Contextual connection reminder on screen
  • Autoranging
  • Calculate MIN/MAX/AVG values
  • IP67 rated
  • Can be powered by standard AA or rechargeable batteries

What's Included?

  • Chauvin Arnoux MTX3290 Metrix Digital Multimeter
  • 4 x 1.5V Alkaline Batteries
  • Red Test Lead (1.5m)
  • Black Test Lead (1.5m)
  • Red CAT IV 1kV Test Probe
  • Black CAT IV 1kV Test Probe
  • User Manual on CD-ROM
  • Start-Up Guide
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Part CodeMTX3290

Chauvin Arnoux MTX3290 Technical Specifications

AC/DC Voltage  
Measurement Range 60mV to 1000V
Accuracy 0.3%
Bandwidth 20kHz
AC/DC Current  
Measurement Range 600 μA to 10 A /20 A (30 s max)*
Accuracy 0.08%
Measurement Range 60 Hz to 600 kHz
Measurement Range 600 Ω to 60 MΩ
Audible Continuity  
Measurement Range 600 Ω SIGNAL <30 Ω ±5 Ω < 5V
Diode Test  
Measurement Range 3 V with 1 mV resolution
Measurement Range 6 nF to 60 mF
Temperature Pt100/1000  
Measurement Range -20 to +800°C
Other Functions  
Surveillance Time/date-stamped MAX/MIN /AVG or PEAK ±, on all the main positions
REL REL relative value + measured reference value on secondary display*
PWM Filter 4th-order 300Hz low-pass filter for measuring on variable speed drives or asynchronous motors
V-Output Clamp Function Integration of the ratio: 1/1 ,1/10,1/100,1/1000 mV/A
Secondary Functions or Measurements dBm and VA resistive power, +/- duty cycle, and pulse width*
Central Zero Selectable or automatic* bargraph for VDC and IDC
General Specifications  
Type of Display LCD with backlighting* and digits 14 mm high
Double 60,000* or 6,000-count display
Power Type 4 x AA batteries or Ni-MH batteries
Safety/EMC Safety as per IEC 61010-1 1,000V-CATIII/600V CAT IV* OR 600V CAT III /300V CATIV –
Safety as per IEC 61010-2-033
Environmental Storage: -20 °C to +70 °C – Operation: 0 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions 196 x 90 x 47mm (L x W x H)
Weight 570g
Warranty 3 years
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