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Chauvin Arnoux MX1 Analogue Multimeter w/ Carrying Case

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The Chauvin Arnoux MX1 Multimeter with Carrying Case is accompanied with a built-in safety alarm that activates when the Ohmmeter is being used. On the front of the meter there is also a light which will flash to you when a fuse has been blown inside. 

A lot of analogue multimeters on the market are not able to stand much more than a steady level of voltage, but this is where the Metrix MX1 is different. Even if the level of Vrmns reaches as high as 400, no damage will be done. The Ohmmeter function is even completely protected by an electronic circuit. And because this circuit doesn’t have a fuse built in, it becomes more reliable and more easy to use. 

The input terminals that are included in this analogue multimeter can take transient pulses that measure up to 6kV. The current ranges are also fully protected by the inclusion of several HRC (high rupturing capacity) safety fuses that protect your device up to 600V.

When you use the continuity test, that also has an audible signal connection ‘beep’ in order to check if your product is carrying out standard resistance measurements.This particular analogue multimeter also comes with its own carrying case. This case has been specially designed to be completely waterproof and shock proof, so it can withstand a few knocks and drops. The casing itself is also very smooth, making it simple to clean.

The Chauvin Arnoux MX1 Multimeter with Carrying Case is doubly insulated, which ensures that the leads can withstand levels of voltage up to 1500V.

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